Steph Curry

Steph Curry Permanently Inks Autograph on His Tattoo Artist’s Leg

Golden State Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry is no stranger to pressure situations. After all, he has won three NBA championships in four years, two MVP awards, and is a way-too-early MVP candidate once again this season. The same still applies when he's not on the basketball court, too.

Just when you thought the only thing limitless was Curry's 3-point range, he proved his artistic skill set is just as good when the veteran NBA All-Star permanently inked his autograph on his tattoo artist's leg.

That's right, the 30-year-old Curry got behind the needle and tattooed his own autograph of Zebra Tattoo artist Nino Lapid's leg.

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Lapid, who wrote "aside from my daughter being born, this is maybe one of those times in my life that my reality superseded my dreams," is right. If this whole basketball thing doesn't work out for Steph Curry, perhaps a career as a tattoo artist is next.

It's one thing to get your favorite player's autograph tattooed permanently, but it's a completely different story to have your favorite player actually do it himself. That is beyond next level and it takes a certain level of trust not many people could honestly have.

Just think about that for a second: Who would you actually trust to autograph your leg, knowing it's going to be there forever, whether they screw it up or not?

Then, would you let his wife, sister, and teammate do the same thing? Because that's what happened. Curry's wife, Ayesha, sister Sydel and Warriors teammate Damion Lee all gave Lapid a new tattoo on Monday night.

From the looks and sounds of it, and from the standpoint Lapid posted the video, the tattoo turned out great and Lapid now has a very expensive leg, one that he hilariously promised not to sell on eBay.

Curry has yet another thing to add to his already impressive resume.

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