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WATCH: Even Cleveland Browns Security Guards Practice Tackling Opponents

In the latest episode of "Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns," head coach Hue Jackson made a selling point to free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant this would be the "greatest turnaround in sports history." Whether you want to believe it or laugh, the security guards at FirstEnergy Stadium are sure preparing for it.

Before Thursday's preseason game, where the Browns somehow won 5-0 over the reigning Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, the security guards were on the field doing tackling drills if fans ever decide to run around and disrupt play.

Yes, they practice it.

For the sake of entertainment, especially since the preseason is incredibly boring and most would rather watch paint dry than a scoreless final 44-plus minutes of game time, let's give some credit to the man who made the tackle. Let's call him Hero because he made this 25-second video worth a couple of repeats.

It's hard telling where Hero actually came from since the video doesn't show the entire drill, but from the start of it, he is the furthest back of the three participating in the drill. Let's call it the opposite 40 yard line.

When the fake perpetrator in the white shirt makes a move to the outside, maybe even trying to get around the edge and down the sideline, Hero cuts him off with a beautiful angle to push him toward the middle of the field within striking distance of the security guards.

But since Hero is in incredible shape and one of the other security guards sucks at wrapping up and finishing the play, the perp runs another 30 yards to the end zone behind him.

That's when Hero strikes and takes the perp to the ground for a safety.


What dedication. What a warrior.

Then, after the play ends, Hero has enough energy to bounce up and practice pumping up the crowd before disappearing from the camera.

This is the stuff of legends and should serve as a reminder: If you run on the field during a Browns home game this season, Hero is coming in hot, and it won't be long before you get tackled.

Get this dude featured on Hard Knocks immediately.

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