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Chiefs Fan Sets Himself on Fire During Super Bowl Celebration

The Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl LIV champions. A brilliant comeback in the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers made it happen. From Miami to KC and everywhere else, there was a big celebration in order, even if it involved danger.

With Kansas City's first Super Bowl win in 50 years, it's no surprise Chiefs fans went crazy. Every fanbase in the NFL would do the exact same thing. However, one guy took things just a little bit too far.

In honor of head coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, running back Damien Williams, and everyone else on the roster and in the front office, a group of buddies decided to light a couch on fire in the middle of a parking lot on Sunday night.

What seemed like a good idea definitely did not end that way.

WARNING: This video contains NSFW language.

Chiefs Fan Sets Himself on Fire

The Big Game definitely did not disappoint. Much like the first two playoff games at Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs needed some heroics. They scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter and the rest was history.

Maybe the pyrotechnics during the Shakira and Jennifer Lopez halftime show provided inspiration for the group of friends. Perhaps it's just a tradition. Whatever the case might be, it was the first time seeing their team win the Super Bowl, and they were ready to party.

So with a couch primed to set ablaze, all one guy needed to do was to light it. But as he casually set the t-shirt or pillowcase on the furniture, things got dicey. The couch immediately went up in flames and the crazed Chiefs fan set himself on fire.

You can see the young man running off with his shoes still on fire.

There are tons of celebrations still to come. A parade in Missouri and a trip to visit President Trump at the White House are in order, too.

Let's just hope nothing crazy like this happens again.

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