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Cleveland Radio Host Loses Bet, and You Won't Believe What He Ate...


Let's face it, all sports fans are nuts. We chastise "bad" players competing at a level far beyond what we could ever achieve, openly criticize opposing players because of the color of their shirt, and we'll do just about anything to remember our favorite player. Sometimes, though, things can get a little out of hand.

At ESPN 850 Cleveland, radio host Aaron Goldhammer decided to up the ante during the run-up to the Cleveland Browns selected No. 1 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. Goldhammer made a bet that if the Browns selected Oklahoma Heisman winner Baker Mayfield with the first overall pick over Sam Darnold, the radio host would eat poop live on the air.

The Browns pulled the trigger on Mayfield, and Goldhammer owned up to his ludicrous gamble.

What follows is the slow-motion recap of the event. The Cleveland radio host chows down on a styrofoam bowl of horse manure covered in ketchup, as more than a few disgusted faces watch this horror unfold.


How does that old saying go? Put your money (err, horse poop) where your mouth is.

The idea that Cleveland would consider passing on Mayfield is as insane as Goldhammer's gamble. The Browns needed something to build on, and the city needed a new hero. Drafting Baker Mayfield with the first-overall pick made complete sense from a marketing standpoint -- He's charismatic, a flashy Heisman Trophy winner, and an underdog, just like Cleveland.

The football part, that remains to be seen.


Cleveland is becoming a city of gambles, and the biggest might be the contract extension of its head coach.

After his team finished 1-15 in 2016, head coach Hue Jackson declared that his team would not repeat that horrendous performance, or else he'd jump into Lake Erie. The Browns didn't go 1-15 the following year. Instead, they went 0-16. Jackson kept his end of the bargain and went swimming.

It's mind-blowing that Jackson can coach that team two years in a row and get a contract extension, but at least he's a man of his word.

Same goes to you, Mr. Aaron Goldhammer. I'll place a bet that myself, and any sane person, will never eat horse poop, but at least now we know someone out there is crazy enough to actually do it.


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