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WATCH: Deion Sanders and Randy Moss Take Legendary Fishing Trip

Pro Football Hall of Famers Deion Sanders and Randy Moss were two of the baddest dudes to ever grace an NFL field. They talked plenty of trash and backed it up by dominating their respective positions. It should surprise absolutely no one that these two legends are friends during retirement life.

Perhaps what makes both athletes so great is the fact they have excelled in things outside of football.

Sanders won Super Bowl titles with the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, and he also enjoyed a long MLB career. Meanwhile Moss, a six-time Pro Bowl selection with the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots, is arguably the greatest wide receiver not named Jerry Rice. If that's not enough, he was a stud basketball player who could have played in the NBA and a track and field star in high school.

So what happens when the two go fishing? Exactly everything you think.

Somewhere in Texas, Sanders and Moss caught two big bass and took to Instagram to remind us how good they are at life again because they "banged a double."

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Seriously, this is everything you could hope for and more if you are a fan of the star defensive back and wide receiver. It's perfect and easily could be an ESPN special of two American legends.

"Hey, we ain't even playing baseball and we're hitting doubles. WHAT!? Whoever wants some, get at us. Whoever wants to go 2-on-2. I don't care if it's baseball, basketball, football, whatever. What y'all wanna do? Get at us."

— Former NFL Cornerback Deion Sanders

The 51-year-old Sanders, a Florida native and member of the Atlanta Falcons Ring of Honor, is obviously down to challenge anyone to anything. After all, he is Prime Time. The 42-year-old Moss from West Virginia, on the other hand, will pretty much agree to anything but football, which is understandable after a Hall of Fame career.

Nevertheless, if anyone is looking to challenge football players Deion Sanders and Randy Moss, beware. Judging by the size of the bass, it's not the first time these American sports legends have gone fishing. It's also hard to think these former first-round NFL Draft picks will lose at anything, especially when it comes to sports.

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