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Gardner Minshew Wants Travel Tips for Cross-Country Road Trip


When the Jacksonville Jaguars signed quarterback Nick Foles last offseason, the NFL franchise thought they were in good hands. After all, he won a Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles. Little did anyone know they drafted another star in rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew.

College football fans knew all about Minshew for his lone season at Washington State. However, many doubted whether or not he would be a successful NFL quarterback. But after an injury to Foles in Week 1, Minshew Mania came alive again.

In 14 games, including 12 starts, Minshew completed 60 percent of his passes for 3,271 yards with 21 touchdowns and just six interceptions.

The future as a starting quarterback is unknown after his rookie season, but Minshew is going to make this offseason rather unforgettable.


Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew RV Tour

Rocking jorts and a cut-off shirt along with this famous mustache, Minshew announced in an Instagram post that he will be taking a cross-country road trip this summer, which starts in Jacksonville, Florida and ends in Los Angeles, California.

There's no telling where the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback will go, or what the he will do, but you better believe #MilesWithMinshew is now trending, and he wants some travel tips.

"Hello, Gardner Minshew here. After a long rookie year, I've decided to take a step back, recenter myself, the only way I know how. Hoppin' in my brand new RV and touring this great country. So if you're anywhere between Jacksonville and LA, I want to hear from you.

"Places to see, anything for free, food to eat, people to meet. Hopefully I see y'all out there on the road. But until then... keep it rollin'."

Minshew might have just finished his NFL rookie season, but there's no doubt he's a professional when it comes to tossing spirals and hyping up his own brand.

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