The National Football League is seeing a resurgence in television ratings despite a lasting hangover from the on-field displays of national anthem protests. Two Miami Dolphins players continue to carry the narrative by kneeling and proponents of President Donald Trump are selling jerseys meant to mock NFL teams in favor of politics over football.

Still, the NFL is drawing huge crowds at home games week after week in a league that’s already produced seven overtime games through the first five weeks of the season. With attendance growing and teams beginning to take shape, fans are filling stadiums, eating crazy food, and spending money on souvenirs and keepsakes along the way. But if you’re planning to attend a game, how much is it actually going to cost you when everything is all said and done?

Our friends at dove deep into the numbers to find out just how much it costs to attend an NFL game at every stadium across the country.

From average ticket prices to finding yourself a good parking spot, they’ve developed a formula to figure out how much money you’d be handing over whether you wanted to see the Los Angeles Rams play out west or visit the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field.

Want to know how much three tickets, two nachos, six beers and a hat are going to cost you to see your favorite team play? Find out by experimenting with their NFL Gameday Calculator for yourself.

NFL Tickets

Whether you’ll be catching the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium or hoping to see a Super Bowl contender like the New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium, prepare to pay up.

The most expensive NFL ticket for a regular season game? That would be premium seating at Raymond James Stadium to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play for a whopping $3,016. The cheapest seat on the market? You can see the Arizona Cardinals play for just eight bucks.

Top 5 Most Expensive Standard Tickets

1. New England Patriots – $549

2. Seattle Seahawks – $430

3. Philadelphia Eagles – $405

4. Chicago Bears – $365


5. Denver Broncos – $345

Bringing up the rear for cheapest average price for standards tickets are the Cincinnati Bengals ($94), Houston Texans ($103) and Cleveland Browns ($107).

Now that you’ve got your tickets, it’s time to get some snacks!


The most critical part of any NFL game day experience is obviously the food. The team at found average pricing of beer, soda, hot dogs, peanuts and nachos at every NFL stadium.

The cheapest place to get a beer? That would be Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the home of the Atlanta Falcons, where you can get a cold one for $5. Most other stadiums average somewhere around 10 bucks for a beer, but only one place is the most expensive — Head west to Levi’s Stadium to see the San Francisco 49ers play where a beer is going to run you $14.

But nachos? This is where you’ll be forking over the most dough for a tray of chips, cheese and fixings.

Top 5 Most Expensive Nachos

1. Dallas Cowboys – $20

2. Minnesota Vikings – $18.50

3. Oakland Raiders – $15

4. Detroit Lions – $14

5. Jacksonville Jaguars – $13

The priciest soda resides with the Washington Redskins at $10 and the most expensive hot dog lives with the Oakland Raiders at $15.

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NFL souvenir shops are the hotbed for new jerseys and hats on game day, and they’re mostly reasonably priced across the board. The Online Gambling team found that the average NFL jersey is going to cost you around $148 dollars at the Club Shop, with the most expensive being at Buffalo Bills‘ games.

Most t-shirts in the Club Shops are going to range between $30 and $40, and hats are going for about the same price.

Interested in an iconic, classy foam finger? The most expensive is green and yellow up in Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers sell them for $10.99 a pop.


It’s both the most annoying part of NFL game days, but also one of the most critical. Finding cheap parking is everybody’s dream, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and hand over some money just for a place to leave your car for the day while you tailgate.

The highest parking rate closest to the stadium is in Atlanta where it’ll cost $114 to park, and the cheapest, but furthest away, is with the Tennessee Titans, where you can park and walk to Nissan Stadium for about $5.


Cheapest Parking Costs (Average Between Closest and Furthest Prices)

T-1. Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers – $20

5. Indianapolis Colts – $20.25

6. Cincinnati Bengals – $20.50

T-7. New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans – $29.00

Want to go see the Minnesota Vikings play? It’s going to cost you $100 to park your car. I’d recommend taking an cab…


It’s certainly not a cheap date to head out for an NFL game, but the most popular sport in the United States is going to capitalize on their popularity any way they can.

With the help of the NFL Gameday Calculator and extensive research courtesy of the team at, the picture is a little bit more clearer on how much it’ll cost you.

Bust out the throwback jersey, ice up the coolers and head out to the stadium. The NFL season is in full swing and those seats aren’t going to fill themselves.

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