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Lockout Coming? NFLPA Creates "Work Stoppage Worksheet" Just in Case

Some monumental changes to the National Football League could be coming in the next couple of years. We already know NFL owners want to expand to an 18-game regular season, and now the National Football League Players Association is preparing everyone for the worst if the two sides cannot come to an agreement when the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expires at the end of the 2020 season.

A potential lockout is at stake for the first time since 2011. That's why the NFLPA has sent out a "Work Stoppage Worksheet" to the players with suggestions of what to do in case it actually happens.

Sure, it's a long ways away from saying this is a for-sure thing, and there's way too much money on the line, but the fact there is a worksheet sponsored by Financial Finesse with the phrase, "with a work stoppage on the horizon, players should be prepared for" is not exactly promising.

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Loss of income. Loss of health insurance. Increased training costs. Loss of camaraderie and structure. These are the things the NFLPA is warning NFL players about, and came up with a simple ABC solution to make a work stoppage a smooth transition.

In many ways, this is pretty great life advice to anyone, not just professional athletes, but "Adjust, Budget, Cut" is currently the name of the game.

Here is the "proper game strategy" to "ease the impact," according to the NFLPA.


— Adjust short-term focus and keep savings accessible
— Review investments to make sure they match your risk tolerance
— Tell friends and family that your help and support may be put on hold


— SAVE! Set aside half of each paycheck.
— Hold off starting new business ventures
— Work with your financial advisor or coach on these budget changes


— Cut all non-mortgage debt by the end of the 2020 season
— Find ways to reward yourself that don't involve spending money
— Postpone any new major purchases
— Connect with a financial advisor or coach for help

As players get closer to the current CBA expiring, the NFLPA also encourages finding health care options, rent through AirBnb if you have extra space to players, trim spending, build a resume, and cut ties to other expensive business ideas.

There's a long road before a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Training camp just started. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has to defend his MVP. The New England Patriots have to defend their Super Bowl. Commissioner Roger Goodell still has to do his job. The rest of the league has another two more regular seasons, two more playoffs, and an offseason to prepare.

Only time will tell whether this lockout will actually happen, but without a new CBA, life could certainly get interesting for everyone involved in the NFL.

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