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Roger Staubach Married His High School Sweetheart More Than 55 Years Ago

Who is Roger Staubach?

Maybe that's why you're here; maybe not. Roger Staubach is a Dallas Cowboy Hall of Fame quarterback who isn't named Troy Aikman. Staubach has a massive net worth funded by his Pro Bowl football career, time in the Navy, and ventures in commercial real estate with a business he started, The Staubach Company.

As a football player, Staubach was the Super Bowl VI MVP, won Super Bowl XII six years later, and earned many fun nicknames, such as Captain America, Captain Comeback, or Roger the Dodger.

Staubach tossed his way into the National Football League, U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen, and Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is also a well-known real estate business mogul. But that's only half of Staubach. What's less known about Roger Staubach is his better half.

Roger Staubach may be an American football legend, but he's nothing without his wife of 56 years: Marianne Staubach.

Who is Marianne Staubach?

Marianne married Roger Staubach in 1965 after Roger graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. They had been a couple since high school, and both grew up in Cincinnati.

The couple wed right before Roger shipped off to South Vietnam for the war. He returned safely two years later. The Staubachs have been busy making headlines, money, and babies ever since.

Marianne Staubach is the mother of five Staubach children: Jeffrey Roger, Michelle Elizabeth, Jennifer Anne, Stephanie Marie, and Amy Lynn. Roger Staubach himself is an only child and did not want his children to suffer the same fate.

Marianne's fecundity inspired Staubach's work ethic on and off the gridiron. She is said to be a caring housewife and strong mother, but not much is known about her personal life.

Marianne has assisted Roger in philanthropic efforts over the years. The couple raises funds for children's cancer and women in need through their charity, The Roger Staubach Foundation.

Staubach often cites his wife Marianne's influence as one of his chief motivations to accomplish amazing things. And they didn't call him Captain America for nothing.

Captain America's Extraordinary American Dream

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Roger Staubach made his American dream come true. His work ethic and perseverance embody a certain idealistic view of what freedom in this country can mean. Through talent, determination, and integrity, Roger Staubach has lived a storybook of American life.

He was born Roger Thomas Staubach in Silverton, Ohio, near Cincinnati, where he met his eventual life partner in high school. He attended a religious school, St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, which has since been re-named Purcell High School. He left Silverton for the southwest and New Mexico Military Institute.

After one year in New Mexico, Staubach transferred to the U.S. Naval Academy to join the football team. He became a Midshipmen college football great, winning the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, and Player of the Year all in 1963.

Though he was selected in the NFL Draft, Staubach kept his word to Uncle Sam and served four years with the U.S. Navy. He spent two years in South Vietnam and returned to the United States to finish his service and prepare for the NFL.

NFL quarterbacks were paid significantly less money and attention in 1969 than they are today. Staubach moved to Dallas, Texas, to lead America's Team as a 27-year old rookie in 1969. Staubach had his family on his mind and worried his quarterback money wouldn't cut it in the long run. He called an audible, preparing a financial contingency plan for his family in the offseason.

Staubach went to work in real estate for the Henry S. Miller Company when he wasn't the Cowboys quarterback. You know, like if Tony Romo worked at your local State Farm.

It was Staubach's first step into commercial real estate — a business that would go on to make him millions. Staubach was employed by Miller when he won his first Super Bowl in 1971. Miller promoted Staubach to vice president of the company as congratulations. Staubach would appear in three more Super Bowls, losing two to the Pittsburgh Steelers and winning one more. He was a commercial real estate agent the entire time.

Staubach's experience with the Henry S. Miller Company led him to start his own real estate company, The Staubach Company, in 1977. Thirty years later, The Staubach Company sold to Jones Lang LaSalle for $613 million.

Staubach reportedly banked approximately $100 million of that sale plus a position as Executive Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle. Staubach is worth $650 million today.

Not bad for a kid from a Cincinnati suburb who stayed married to his high school sweetheart for over half a century. Staubach's unexceptional beginnings only lend to his exceptional legend. And you can't talk about Staubach's legend without saying a Hail Mary.

The Hail Mary Connection

If you've ever heaved a Hail Mary across a blacktop, you can thank Roger.

Aside from being married to an angel named Marianne, Roger Staubach is the inventor of the Hail Mary touchdown. He wasn't the first NFL player to toss a desperate touchdown pass in the playoffs. He was the first one to do it with a prayer.

The passer threw the most famous touchdown of his professional career in 1975. The Cowboys needed six to win as time ticked down in an NFC playoffs match-up against the Minnesota Vikings. Staubach closed his eyes, said a Hail Mary, and launched the pigskin to Drew Pearson.

Pearson caught the pass and scored, proving himself the patron saint of Dallas. Pearson may have made the catch, but Staubach said the prayer. The rest is history.

Who knows what prayer he would've chosen had Marianne not been on his mind? Indeed, were it not for Marianne Staubach, her absence would forever alter American football history for the worse.

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