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Cowboys Wife Kicks Husband Below the Belt for Losing a Bet

There are bets you shouldn't make at any cost...this is one of them

Just about every NFL fan knows to steer clear of betting on division games, especially when that bet involves getting kicked in the family jewels.

Well, this Philadelphia Eagles fan was apparently so confident that his team would beat the Dallas Cowboys last week that he ignored that very painful possibility, betting his wife that if Philly won she'd have to don an Eagles jersey and take a picture in it; If the Cowboys won, she'd get to kick him in the crotch.

Cowboys Wife Kicks Husband's Groin

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Not too well-thought out on his part, to say the least. As we all know, Dallas won the game in overtime, and dude had to the pay the piper. And so far, over thousands of people have watched him suffer the consequences one of the most moronic bets we've ever heard of.

What's worse is the wife showed the form of a field goal kicker on the boot.

This post was originally published on November 6, 2016. We brought it back to show that NFL rivalries will never die, especially under one roof.

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