Mason may not be as good of a "scor-der" as Wayne Gretzky, but his 4-year-old's hockey practice video took the internet by storm.
Left: Screenshot from YouTube

WATCH: 4-Year-Old Lives His Best Life While Mic'd Up at Hockey Practice

When you are watching youth sports, have you ever wondered what the kids are actually saying? Are they competitive? Do they like to have fun? What is really going through their minds and coming out of their mouths? Well, thanks to one proud father, we got a small glimpse of what it can be like.

Some kids break records. Others sing songs to their favorite players. Even a few defy the odds and do something special. There can only be one Mason Rupke, though. He's a 4-year-old who loves to have some fun at hockey practice.

Hockey coach Jeremy Rupke was definitely curious what his son would say on the ice during practice. Let's just say it didn't disappoint. The video is downright hysterical.

Mason R.'s Hysterical Hockey Practice 

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Much like Happy Gilmore, young Mason is not the strongest skater, but he clearly loves hockey. He has no idea what he's doing half of the time, but hey, everyone starts somewhere.

Here's a few things we know about Jeremy's son Mason after watching the 4-year-old hockey player mic'd up for a few minutes:

— Mason is down with the Zamboni. Then again, who isn't? It would be hard to trust someone who doesn't like the ice resurfacer.

— Mason likes to play hockey with pucks and garbage. Raise your hand if you never crumpled up a piece of paper and tried to shoot it like a basketball into the trash can. Nobody? Cool. Let's move on.

— Mason is a big fan of Halloween. It's not really clear why, but wishing someone Happy Halloween in February definitely means that's his favorite holiday.

— Mason needs help onto the ice and, at times, prefers to crawl rather than skate. He's a true pioneer in the sport. Look out, NHL. He's gunna do so fast.

— Mason doesn't always speak English. Gibberish is his second language and he's pretty fluent at times.

— Mason isn't a fan of the old fat can or the old paint can.

— Mason enjoys naps. Being a stud is hard work.

— Mason gets excited when his friends come to practice so they can stick fight.

— Mason is bummed when Amy doesn't show up.

— Mason is a winner, even when he's not in the right group.

— Mason's diet consists of Happy Meals at BaDonalds, the best version of McDonald's.

— Mason loves his dad. We definitely do, too, after this video.

So thank you, Jeremy Rupke. Watching your little dude at hockey practice was definitely an honor.

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