Shawn Michaels

Is This WWE Hall of Famer Officially Done After Legendary Curtain Call?

After an eight-and-a-half year hiatus, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels returned to the ring at the Crown Jewel event and teamed with Triple H to defeat the Brothers of Destruction duo of The Undertaker and Kane. Michaels' last wrestling match was his retirement match at WrestleMania 26, where he lost to Undertaker. Following Triple H's victory over Undertaker at the Melbourne, Australia Super Show-Down event, he and Michaels were attacked by Undertaker and Kane — setting up for their match in Saudi Arabia.

At 53, Michaels is spending most of his professional time training the next batch of stars for NXT at the Performance Center, which is why he was sporting the NXT logo on his pants at Crown Jewel. The big payday was what made Michaels lift his retirement status, and many were impressed with his performance at the event.

Despite returning to compete, one thing that still remains is that Michaels has yet to come back for a singles match since his last hurrah in 2010. Michaels was interviewed by WWE following his win and shared his thoughts on the Crown Jewel event, as well as whether he will make a return to the ring.

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"This whole day, I've been anxious and nerves and everything else. Once I got in there though, with everybody, it was fun, it was comfortable, and felt, did a few things, got a little warm, and forget just how tough this is on your body. I'll be feeling it for the next several days. It'll be a very good reminder of why I didn't do it for eight years and why I'm not gonna do it again. If I could possibly help it." — Shawn Michaels

Although Michaels made it clear that he does not plan on returning to the ring in a wrestling capacity, there is still speculation that he may go one last time against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 35 to reopen their storied rivalry for one more match.

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