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WATCH: The Longest Play in AAF History Belongs to a Dog

The Alliance of American Football is still very much in its infancy, but don't you dare call it too boring just yet. There have been several former college football stars produce big highlights and even some pretty lucky plays. Now, you can add some explosiveness to the mix.

While most football fans are enamored with San Diego Fleet running back Ja'Quan Gardner and his 83-yard touchdown run — the longest rush in AAF history — to pretty much seal a big win over the San Antonio Commanders on Sunday night, something happened across the country the day before that was just as eye-popping.

Over 2,400 miles away in Orlando, with the Apollos up 9-0 over the Memphis Express at halftime of Saturday night's game, a dog set an apparent world record for catching an 83-yard frisbee pass in his mouth at Spectrum Stadium, and everyone lost their minds.

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Pretty impressive? That's an understatement. People will soon forget that quarterback Garrett Gilbert threw for 207 passing yards in the 21-17 victory for the Orlando Apollos, but nobody will forget the time they watched a dog have the first 80-yard play in AAF history.

Lined up in the back of the end zone, our friendly dog was let go as soon as the frisbee was thrown. The pooch then took off like he was shot out of a canon. There was never a doubt if he could get to the frisbee. It was only a matter of how far would it travel.

Give the thrower some credit. That guy launched an absolute bomb to make this happen. The dog just made the highlight better because, well, it's a dog, and he had to sprint a long ways and still have the concentration to make the catch in his mouth.

A good dog, no doubt. The touchdown celebration is pretty clutch, too. Nobody has taken a longer time to celebrate his accomplishment since crazy wide receiver Rod Tidwell did in Jerry Maguire.

Although there is no official stop watch time, it would be interesting to know who ran faster. The four-legged dog during a halftime show or Gardner, the 5-foot-7 running back from Humboldt State, during an actual AAF game?

No matter what, the frisbee catch in Florida was impressive and it puts Air Bud: Golden Receiver to shame.

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