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Adam Sandler Crashed Louisville's Practice, And The Waterboy Can Hoop!

The University of Louisville was reeling from long-time head coach Rick Pitino's firing after alleged involvement in a "pay-for-play" scandal where a top-ranked recruit was promised money in exchange for playing at Louisville. After a down year, the Cardinals hired former Xavier University head coach Chris Mack prior to this season, and things are right back on track in 2019.

The Louisville Cardinals climbed back into the AP Top 25 by the middle of January and are in the hunt for another ACC title this season. With all that success, the blue-blood men's college basketball team had the chance to cut loose with the NCAA Tournament looming when comedian Adam Sandler stopped by a basketball practice to get some shots up.

Prior to a show at the Louisville Palace while on his "100% Fresher Tour", the award-winning actor, musician, screenwriter and producer stopped off to get a workout in with the Cardinals and took a few photos with the team and coach Mack.

When he's not busy making cult-classic films like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, or The Wedding Singer or touring his new comedy special, which is widely considered one of his best works since it debuted on Netflix, Sandler is a hooper at heart. Known as someone who plays almost everyday, Sandler's made headlines for his love of basketball before, like when he took sweaty pictures with a bride and groom after playing a pick-up game in Boca Raton, Florida.

On top of being a huge NBA fan, the 52-year-old Brooklyn native has played basketball all over the country, including a stop back in 2017 with Louisville's ACC rival when he hooped with the Duke Blue Devils. From movie scenes like The Longest Yard and Grown Ups to random parks around the country, Sandler is never one to miss out on running some 5-on-5.

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The Cardinals aren't a stranger to celebrity, either. Louisville assistant coach Luke Murray came over from Xavier with Chris Mack and brought another super fan with him — Luke's dad is none other than the legendary Bill Murray.

The Louisville basketball team still has two games against a phenomenal Virginia Cavaliers team, plus will play Duke, Florida State, Syracuse and Notre Dame before their regular season is finished and conference tournaments begin. If they need some help, maybe Sandler can give them a catch-and-shoot swingman coming off the bench?

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