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Football is back! Get your season tickets, the biggest TV you can find, and tailgating gear now. Football and cooler weather are among us, and I honestly can’t tell you which one is better. The days of feeling like your deodorant is running on E is officially over, and I couldn’t be happier.

Cooler weather can be a pain, though. I’m definitely the person at tailgates and games with a throw blanket. A blanket helps a bit, but it can only do so much. No one likes feeling like they’re freezing their ass off at tailgates, so we got you covered with the perfect heating chair.

Chaheati MAXX Heated Camping Chair

Chaheati MAXX Heated Camping Chair

Stay warm during tailgates with a Chaheati MAXX Heated Camping Chair. The 100-percent nylon chair is oversized for a comfortable fit. It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charger. Chaheati calls it the “all-season” chair because it has four temperature settings.

Don’t hold this chair off until colder weather. Put it on a lower heat setting and let the heat work as a heating pad for your back. Sitting down in a normal folding chair for a long time can get uncomfortable, so protect your joints all season with Chaheati’s heating technology.

It’s element resistant, too, so if you come across any rainy or snowy weather, don’t worry, because the folding chair can handle it. The Chaheati heated chair also comes with a carrying case. Take it to tailgates, the kids’ soccer games, or leave it in the living room for your anemic friends.

The mossy oak portable chair gives off the right amount of heat for cold sporting events. The tidy lithium-ion battery provides hours of heat, so you’ll definitely make it through tailgate feeling toasty and comfortable with a Chaheati heated chair.

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