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Shotgunning Grandmas Chug Beer Against Each Other Like Pros

Grandmas are typically known for their warm demeanors. Baking chocolate chip cookies and playing board games are what I remember doing most with mine. Knitting, gardening and offering words of wisdom are what we typically think of when we think of our grannies.

Some of our beloved elderly folks are just different. They live life on the edge...of the rocking chair. When they're not tending to their petunias or sprinkling cupcakes, they're trying Fireball whiskey and downing it with ease.

Then there's these two grandmas at a Michigan Wolverines tailgate who will drink your beer and put everyone else to shame while shotgunning them.

Grandmas Shotgun Beers at Tailgate

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Keg stands, beer pong, cornhole and shotgun competitions are what we love most about college football tailgates. While they're mostly limited to students and alumni hoping to relive the glory drinking days, these two women are here to shatter all stereotypes.

I have no idea who these two older ladies are, but when they were given brews with holes at the bottom of the cans they knew exactly what to do with them. It looks like this took place at a tailgate party before a University of Michigan football game, which makes these grandmas the unofficial coolest fans of the Big Ten.

Our granny in the yellow sweatshirt on the right downs her beer in freaking six seconds while her aged adversary finishes in a ridiculous nine seconds. I don't know if there's a handicap on shotgunning beers, but these two seasoned veterans absolutely do not need one.

The video from 2011 went viral and has garnered almost 500,000 views on YouTube. The only thing that could've made it better is if they smashed the cans on their head or body-slammed a table in the parking lot like Buffalo Bills fans do.

I'm not sure where these two lovely ladies are today, but be on the lookout for our favorite shotgunning grannies at tailgates across the country even as the 2020 NCAA season battles the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak.

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