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Nick Saban Impersonator Answers Hilarious Questions in Fake Press Conference

Many have attempted and many have failed, but there is only one true expert Nick Saban impersonator.

It isn't Lane Kiffin, who did a pretty hilarious impression of the Alabama Crimson Tide head coach. It isn't Rob Ezell, though his version is by far the funniest. It certainly isn't Derrick Henry (we still love you, Derrick).

It's the one and only Mike Romano. From the voice to the hand gestures to the way he snaps at any given dumb question, Romano sounds more like Nick Saban than Nick Saban sounds like Nick Saban.

Mike Romano's Nick Saban Impression

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Mike Romano, who I'm pretty darn sure is also this car salesman, should act like Nick Saban for a living.

When turned to Romano to ask him the hard-hitting questions that Saban wouldn't answer in 2015, Romano answered hilariously to each and every one as if he were at a press conference.

The first question: Does Lane Kiffin annoy you?

"Well Lane Kiffin likes to play a lot of video games. You know, Call to Duty. All right? I walked in on him one time wearing boxers, my boxers, playing Call of Duty. All right? And it really pissed me off," he says.

You can tell Romano has really studied every Saban movement, because he throws back a swig of water just like the head ball coach.

When the "reporters" ask if he's a fan of puppies or kittens, he gives a hilarious answer that he's not a fan of kittens because, well, the Auburn Tigers.

The final question brings this one home. Romano says Bear Bryant would beat Chuck Norris in a fight because Bryant fought a bear once.

"Did you fight a bear?" he shoots back at the reporter.


Romano has become known for his spot-on Saban impressions. After the USA's World Cup loss to Germany in 2014, he gave fans a glimpse of what Saban would look like if he were coach of the U.S. Men's National Team.

Many have tried to impersonate the Alabama football legendary coach, but let's be honest. No one does it like this guy.

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