Derrick Henry does a Nick Saban impression.
Screenshot from YouTube: Dan Patrick Show

Derrick Henry's Impression of Nick Saban Captured Coach's Anger

Nick Saban impressions are the best impressions. No one (and I mean no one) will ever top former Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver Rob Ezell's animated locker room ball coach impersonation. This Alabama car salesman came pretty darn close, though, and plenty of players throughout the years have joined in on the fun.

Former Tide defensive lineman Jake Long mustered a pretty good one that even his teammate couldn't keep a straight face during. Even the king of jokes and jabs, Lane Kiffin, once nailed the voice of the 69-year-old to perfection and cracked everyone up.

One impression 'Bama fans in Tuscaloosa likely haven't seen is Derrick Henry's version. Back in 2015 after the running back won the Heisman Trophy, he went on The Dan Patrick Show and gave fans his best impression of Saban on live TV.

Derrick Henry's Nick Saban Impression

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Derrick Henry was all smiles when he joined Dan Patrick back in December 2015. He rushed for 2,219 yards and scored 28 touchdowns and was on top of the NCAA football world.

Patrick asked Henry if he could impersonate his head coach, even telling him he's "going to be playing in the NFL next year" so as not to worry about upsetting Saban.

Henry details how Saban acts at practice when things aren't going well. He even uses a raspy voice to sell the impression.

"Guys come on," Nick Saban (whoops, I mean Derrick Henry) said. "Let's go!"

Henry wasn't afraid to mimic the now-seven-time national championship-winning coach. He said Saban probably would have laughed if he heard Henry's impression.

That's terrific.

When Derrick Henry isn't scoring 99-yard touchdowns and bulldozing opponents for the Tennessee Titans, he's shown that he has a fun side. He's starred in hilarious Heisman House commercials alongside guys like Mark Ingram, Bo Jackson and Doug Flutie. Maybe Henry's next act after football is in stand-up comedy.

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