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Patrick Mahomes' Teammates Love Poking Fun at His "Froggish" Voice

When Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes throws a football, people watch in awe. Sidearm passes, 90-yard bombs, and perfect spirals leave even his teammates and coaches speechless.

When he speaks, however, he elicits a different reaction from guys like Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and even head coach Andy Reid. It's up to the 25-year-old MVP, Super Bowl champion and NFL superstar to call the plays in the huddle and having a loud, booming voice helps a starting quarterback.

Reid and Co. will tell you his voice is "unique." Some call it "froggish" because he sounds a lot like the famous Kermit the Frog from The Muppets.

Patrick Mahomes' Voice


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It's true. Patrick Mahomes has a unique voice. There's not really a better way to spin it.

The sounds produced by the vocal chords in his throat simply are different than that of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. It's something he's dealt with since he was in seventh grade and throughout his time at Whitehouse High School in Texas to college football at Texas Tech.

This has earned him quite a bit of flak from teammates and coaches, who apparently make fun of his voice to keep him from getting too big of an ego.

"If I'm ever getting too big of a head, they just kind of bring out the voice, you know — they try to mimic my voice," Mahomes told Business Insider. "That's kind of gotten its thing in the locker room."

Indeed, and the king of the Mahomes impression is none other than Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Reid wouldn't dare share it in public, but he did address Mahomes' voice at a press conference in 2018.

"Well he's got a unique voice, right? It's unique. Next question," Reid joked before he was asked to describe it. "Froggish."

Reid might not have wanted to perform his Mahomes voice impersonation, but teammates like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce aren't so shy.

Travis Kelce's Mahomes Impression

Six-time Pro Bowl tight end Travis Kelce is used to receiving balls, but in 2018 he was the one throwing shots about his quarterback's voice.

Kelce went on the Dan Patrick Show and was asked about Mahomes' voice. He mentioned the "raspiness" of it and even broke out a slight impression of it.

"He does have a unique voice. We got on him a lot as a rookie, but now that he's the guy we kind of lightened up on it. You only take shots here and there.," he said. "A few of his huddle calls get a little funny. Everyone will break the huddle laughing. It's hard to hear him at times when he's yelling...At the end of it, you can just put it all together and say, oh, that's what he said."

Kelce isn't the only teammate that roasts his QB.

Tyreek Hill's Mahomes Impression

Wide receiver Tyreek Hill was asked at media day prior to the Chiefs' win in Super Bowl LIV what his favorite Mahomes moment was. He didn't hesitate to say when his the gunslinger arrives to the huddle and speaks.

Then, Hill did his best Patrick Mahomes impression.

"Yeah, Kermit the Frog," he said. "Sounds just like that. I can't do that no more, because he ain't gonna throw me the ball no more."

The good news is Mahomes has learned to embrace his voice and fire back at his teammates whenever they make fun of him.

"They'll throw some shots at me, but don't worry I throw shots back," Mahomes said in a press conference.

Patrick Mahomes can't change his voice, and it doesn't really matter what he sounds like. As long he keeps through touchdowns, avoids interceptions and keeps the Chiefs a perennial playoff team and AFC champions, that's all that matters.

Mahomes takes on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV in spite of the coronavirus pandemic. You can expect some sort of speech if he beats the Bucs, and you better be ready for social media to explode because, as some writers have described, his voice is a mix of Texas twang, Kermit the Frog and Seth Rogen.

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