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Bo Jackson Races Machine in Timeless Heisman Commercial

"Bo Knows" wasn't just some catchy phrase Nike used, it was fact. Bo Jackson knew how to score touchdowns. He knew how to bulldoze defenders. He knew how to crush 475-foot home runs and how to snap baseball bats like toothpicks.

There wasn't really anything the kid from Bessemer, Alabama, couldn't do. Throughout his days at Auburn University or in the NFL for the Los Angeles Raiders or MLB with the Kansas City Royals, fans got to witness that every single time he stepped on a field. Bo was a gamer, and he didn't let anyone beat him.

It would only make sense to assume that his skills extend beyond sports. When the time came for some casual trivia against a machine at the Nissan Heisman House, who do you think dominated?

Bo Versus Machine Heisman Commercial

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Everyone knows Bo Jackson had freakish speed during his playing days, and he showed that off in this classic Nissan Heisman Commercial alongside some fellow Heisman Trophy winners.

Each of them take turns asking a machine random trivia questions, and Bo takes pride in beating the Siri-like device.

Baker Mayfield: "Hey, who's won more Heismans, Oklahoma or Alabama?"

Bo Jackson: "Oklahoma."

Kyler Murray: "How many consecutive Heismans has Oklahoma won?"

Bo Jackson: "Two, told you I was faster."

Derrick Henry: "Hey, how many national championships has Alabama won?"

Bo Jackson "Seventeen, c'mon guys is that all you got?"

The Heismans then begin to take things up a notch and really put Mr. Auburn to the test. Murray asks the device to turn off the upstairs bathroom lights. Jackson bolts upstairs and turns them off before she can get a chance to.

Mayfield then asks to start his Nissan Rogue from the couch and finally the machine beats Jackson. Bo, clearly pissed off from the loss, then makes his way back to the house with a baseball bat in his hands.

"Is he mad?" the machine hilariously asks.

?These Heisman House commercials have been airing for quite a while now. They feature some of our favorite college football stars such as Tim Tebow, Eddie George, Marcus Mariota, Tim Brown, Lamar Jackson and Johnny Manziel.

Let this one serve as a reminder to what happens if you actually beat Bo Jackson at something. Screw Alexa and Siri. Maybe it's time to replace "Hey Google" with "Hey Bo."

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