Tim Tebow’s Heisman Rap Video Never Stops Being Weird
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Tim Tebow is no stranger to showing his face on TV. The former Florida Gators and NFL quarterback has starred in numerous commercials throughout the years in addition to serving as a college football analyst for ESPN and SEC Network.

Of course, many fans likely remember the controversial pro-life Super Bowl ad he appeared in alongside his mother. No. 15 has also done some pretty hilarious commercials for the Nissan Heisman House. Ever seen the “Teboween” one where multiple Heisman winners dressed like Tebow? How about the one where he debuts a glorious beard?

Back in 2016, Tebow debuted his rap career for Nissan. I’ve got to be honest, it doesn’t sound much better than Peyton and Eli Manning’s music video.

?Tim Tebow Rap Video

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Add “Tim Tebow rap video” to the list of things you thought you’d probably never see.

Donning an orange beanie, massive gold chains, a sick pair of shades and a reptilian vest, Tebow took center stage riding around in his “Gator car.”

Oh, and did you recognize that dude with the blonde mullet? Yeah, that’s Danny Wuerffel with a head full of hair rapping alongside him.

I can’t make out exactly what the dynamic duo is rapping except that it’s about their Gator-themed Nissan Armada. The two women dancing and Albert and Alberta put the finishing touches on this video.

If you ask me, Nissan should’ve asked Steve Spurrier to put on his MC Hammer pants and twerk for us. I think the “Head Twerk Coach” has a nice ring to it.

Tebow’s career as a rapper was short-lived, but considering how many different sports and careers he’s tried, it wasn’t all that surprising to see him spit rhymes.

If Kyle Trask ends up winning the Heisman Trophy, he needs to re-make this classic rap video.


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