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Kirby Smart's Passionate Halftime Speech vs. Florida Shows He Bleeds Red & Black

Kirby Smart's Georgia Bulldogs held a 24-0 lead over the Florida Gators at halftime.

The game was well under control, but Smart wasn't going to let his team take its foot off the gas pedal.

Smart's leaked halftime speech against the Gators is why his team is the No. 1 team in the country. Prepare yourself, Georgia fans. Smart's NSFW speech will have you ready to go to battle.

WARNING: The audio below is NSFW.

Kirby Smart's Halftime Speech Against Florida

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Georgia has unquestionably been the best team in the country throughout the 2021 college football season. The media knows it. I know it. You know it. Kirby Smart and his team probably know it, too.

All the high praise can cause teams to potentially lose focus. Not on Kirby Smart's watch.

Smart delivered as impassioned a speech as you'll hear against the rival Gators, reminding his team to let its play on the field do the talking.

"I still remember, like yesterday, walking out this b***h at the half. The look and the feeling I had, looking at Tyson, looking at Stokes, looking at those guys...You know what guys? This is our f****n year, this is our f****n year and we do it by how we play. It's zero to f****n zero and you make 'em never want to play again. All that sh*t they're talking - I love it Jamaree - you didn't say sh*t. You don't say sh*t to 'em, you just laugh and point at the scoreboard. Let me get a picture JD, point at the f****n scoreboard. DON'T SAY SH*T to their undisciplined a**. Because we are, WE ARE DISCIPLINED! And our asses are gonna kick the f****n sh*t out of 'em, physically! Physically I want to break 'em, I'm talkin' bout f****n break these b*****s on defense and offense."

I have zero connection to Georgia whatsoever, and I just bought some UGA gear and found a brick wall to run through. In fact, I'm getting certified as a "hold me back" guy if you need anyone, Kirby. After this speech, there should be a hold me back guy for the hold me back guy.

This isn't the first time Smart has sparked goosebumps this season, either. Smart preached about striving for improvement after the Bulldogs beat South Carolina 40-13.

"We're not practicing to beat somebody, we're practicing to beat everybody!"

Quick, someone find a guy to hold me back. This is urgent.

Georgia has Charleston Southern and Georgia Tech remaining on the schedule before inevitably taking on Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. You can bet the house Smart will be just as fired up for those games as he was for Florida.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart has out the Bulldogs in prime position to win the College Football Playoff. Don't let him hear that. He has Charleston Southern to worry about first.

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