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5 Texas A&M Traditions Every Aggie Fan Should Know By Heart

To be a Texas A&M Aggie, you have to completely buy in. Your voice can always come back and you can sit down on Sunday. Come Saturday though, it's all about football at Kyle Field.

Texas A&M University is the tradition school of all tradition schools. The Aggies have a tradition, chant or yell for nearly everything because fandom is more of a religion down in College Station. From yelling "gig 'em" to The Corps of Cadets to Silver Taps to Reveille to maroon outs, the Aggies are rich in school pride. Simply put, at Texas A&M, traditions just mean more.

Here are the five Aggie traditions that are essential to to Texas A&M fans.

5 Texas A&M Traditions Every Aggie Should Know

Aggie Muster

Being an Aggie isn't four years, it's for life. Every year, students and alumni gather at Reed Arena as one big family. Aggies who passed away are honored, songs are sung, poems are read and A&M pride is at an all time high.

Elephant Walk

It's bittersweet graduating college. On one hand, you have a fresh start in the real world. On the other, you leave the days of having little to no responsibilities and playing video games until 4 a.m. behind.

Texas A&M has a special tradition for seniors called the Elephant Walk. At the end of each football season, the seniors take a special walk around campus to soak in all their college memories one last time. Yells, songs from The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band and live elephants accompany the journey.

The 12th Man

The student body, AKA "The 12th Man," is the embodiment of Aggie spirit. Fans cheer with so much zest that it makes opponents feel like there is an extra man on the field. Students yell their hearts out throughout the game and most importantly, they stand the entire time to symbolize their "readiness, desire, and enthusiasm" to take the field if needed.

Midnight Yell

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The Midnight Yell is what truly sets Texas A&M apart. The night before each home football game, yell leaders lead a pep rally of current students and alumni at Kyle Field. Tens of thousands show up. Fans practice traditions, sing the anthems of Aggieland and get pumped up for the game. Your ears may be ringing a little after.

The Aggie War Hymn

With so many official traditions, it's hard to believe TAMU doesn't have an official fight song. They have a war hymn. The song was written during World War I and is the de facto Aggie anthem. Texas A&M fans know it by heart.

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