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Forget about the bill Texas lawmakers recently filed to make University of Texas play Texas A&M in football every year to rekindle a rivalry game of the past. The Aggies already have a rival: the LSU Tigers!

The old tradition is dead and has been since 2012, when the Aggies left the Big 12 Conference to join the SEC. It’s also not a real reason for a handful of reasons:

— Texas leads the all-time series 76–37–5. Double the victories is not a rivalry. It’s an annual beat down.

— Texas has a real rivalry with the Oklahoma Sooners, who are currently in their conference. #hornsdown

— If you have to pass a bill to bring it back, it’s probably lame already. In-state bragging rights only go so far.

However, there has been an organically created rivalry in real time with today’s generation and casual fans. After the epic 74-72 victory in seven overtimes that Texas A&M got over LSU last weekend, social media has been on fire about this game. Aggie fans are calling it the best college game ever, LSU fans and college football fans in general are calling it the biggest job pulled off by officials, but no matter where you stand on the outcome of this game, you have to admit a fire has been lit. Not only will the teams be looking forward to playing each other again next year in Death Valley in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to prove this game wasn’t a fluke, the fans are also helping to make this the newest rivalry in the SEC.

The actual game has become secondary to the things that happened after the game. The controversy about the officiating of this game also went beyond fans complaining on social media. It is the gasoline to this rivalry bon fire. The SEC director of officials got into the conversation in an effort to restore the credibility of the SEC officials. The arguments were weak and fell flat on the people who remember what they saw and what they felt last Saturday night watching the game. The self-serving justifications have added fuel to the fire between fans that are still personally insulting each other on the Internet. This has fans fired up for the rematch and people feel like the only thing that will make this right is if the Aggies lose big against the Tigers.


The next thing was the postgame fights on the field. The details are muddy, but nothing says rivalry like opposing staff members scuffling after the game:

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To be filed in the petty section, LSU’s staff has decided to extend a scholarship offer to Texas A&M 2020 pledge Smart Chibuzo out of Missouri, Texas. Not only because the guy can play, but this is now also becoming an arms race for the next battle. The Tigers are also subconsciously flexing their SEC superiority by showing the Aggies they can take their recruits. Chibuzo is a 4-star offensive tackle listed at 6-foot-5 and 319 pounds, and is ranked the No. 32 offensive tackle and the No. 37 recruit in Texas.


The best thing of all is that this rivalry is created on a historic accomplishment. That means people outside of Texas and Louisiana care and are emotionally invested. It’s what the entire spirit of American sports is based on. The Aggies won a historic game at home on the last week of the regular season against a top-10 team.

The game is edged in the history books and LSU will have to live with it forever. This rivalry is on!

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