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280-Pound Lineman Boots 43-Yard Field Goal to Secure Team's Playoff Berth


It's always a treat when linemen get a chance to shine. The big fellas normally don't receive a lot of recognition. Their job is to allow other guys to get recognition.

That doesn't mean they don't deserve the spotlight. We've seen big guys throw touchdown passes on trick plays. We've seen them tumble into the end zone for a rushing touchdown. We love every second of it.

East Valley High School lineman Alonzo Vargas took it to another level when he hit a 43-yard field goal to send his team to the Washington state playoffs.


280-Pound Alonzo Vargas' 43-Yard Field Goal

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The Knights were up 7-0 over Clarkston near the end of the first half. They needed some insurance before heading into the locker room.

East Valley head coach Tom Griggs sent out Vargas for a 43-yard attempt.


The snap is good, so is the hold. Vargas winds up and boots the ball right down the middle. When I say right down the middle, I mean right down the middle. It's like he hit a pitching wedge and you know the shot was pretty as soon as he made contact.

The kick had the distance and hit directly where the crossbar meets the pole. It bounced through to give the Knights a 10-0 lead.

Clarkston scored a touchdown in the second half to bring it to 10-7, but East Valley's defense held and Vargas' kick ended up being the deciding score. Not only did it help his team win the game, it ended up securing a spot in the state playoffs because the victory broke a three-way tiebreaker for the second seed in the 2A Greater Spokane League.

Vargas, a junior defensive tackle and guard who's listed at 6-foot-1 and 280 pounds, proved he has the leg to be a successful kicker. More importantly, he proved he had the clutch gene. By far a kicker's most valuable asset.


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