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HS Baseball Player Launches 110-Yard Toss on Football Field

The greatest arms to ever grace the gridiron can throw a football incredibly far. Patrick Mahomes has been caught on video uncorking a 90-yard bomb. Josh Allen can reportedly heave the pigskin 100 yards. With the flick of his wrist, Aaron Rodgers can practically break the sound barrier on his patented Hail Mary.

What do all these rocket-armed quarterbacks have in common? Baseball. Mahomes grew up playing America's Pastime and both Allen and Rodgers were pitchers, both reportedly having 90-MPH fastballs at one point.

Let's face it: baseball players just have incredible arms. When they take to the football field like this high school pitcher, the result can be an absolute launching that NASA would be proud of.

Pitcher Throws Length of Football Field

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I played high school baseball, and I remember the days of long toss. Pitchers would throw from foul pole to foul pole, but I'm not sure that's quite the length that this throw is.

The kid's name is Nick Wilson and he's a high school pitcher committed to the University of Dallas. Wilson throws the baseball from the front of one end zone all the way to the back of the other one. That means it was likely a little more than 110 yards. That could be a 340-350-foot throw.

SportsCenter posted the video to its Instagram account and it's been liked by more than 1.6 million people. The account asked how far he kid throw a football with an arm like that.

Whether he should be in the NFL or MLB...well, that might be a stretch. He'd had have to have some pretty large hands to throw a football just as far.

Clearly, though, this kid has some impressive arm strength. I'd love to see him long toss with Mahomes.

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