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Softball Catcher's "Fake Throw" Trick Play Made Her a Viral Star

Trick plays are designed to catch a player off-guard. If they don't catch an opponent looking like a deer in the headlights of a stealthy bobcat, they're not working correctly.

Hidden ball plays to win playoff games and behind-the-back bunts for base hits are just a some of the trickery clever softball players have pulled off on the diamond.

Houston's Mayde Creek High School pulled off a brilliant trick play against Seven Lakes High in Katy, Texas, when the catcher executed a perfect trick play that fooled both a runner and an opposing coach to prevent a run.

Mayde Creek Softball Trick Play


They pretended to throw the ball away and got the out ?? #softball #trickplay (via @addy.yyy)

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#greenscreenvideo Trick play babyyyy we did that !! #SkipTheRinse #softball #highschool #foryoupage

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Some call it the hidden ball play (although Todd Helton would probably argue differently) while others call it the "The Grand Illusion" trick play.

Either way, Mayde Creek catcher Adyson Lea pulled it off flawlessly with the help of her teammates.

Here's how it went down: Lea received a pitch and immediately shot up to throw down to third as if she were trying to pick off the base runner. The shortstop dove to her right, faking like the throw sailed into left field. Meanwhile, the third baseman stood on the base.

The runner took off believing Lea and the shortstop's acting skills. As she bolted to home plate to score, she ran into the clever Lea who still had the ball in her mitt at home.

The opposing third base coach was clearly angry that his player fell for the deceitful play. But if you take a look at the video again, he fell for it too as he looked into left field for the ball.

Regardless, the Rams got out of the inning using this impressive trick play. They wound up losing the game to Seven Lakes, but this play was the highlight of the game, by far.

Lea posted the clip of the play on her TikTok where it went viral. She's received more than five million views and the play was reposted by ESPN on social media.

I've seen this hidden ball trick initiated by a pitcher's pickoff move to first and second base, but I've never seen it done like this. Props to the Mayde Creek Rams.

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