Softball Catcher’s Throw Ricochets Off Runner’s Head Into Coach’s Junk
Screenshot from YouTube: MaxPreps

Softball catchers have some of the best arms on the diamond. They may not throw 100 pitches in a game like pitchers or boast the athleticism that shortstops do, but you won’t find many cannon-armed players like the ones behind home plate.

Snap throws behind the runner at first base and lasers to second base on steal attempts are evidence of that. Bunting on them may be a part of the game of softball, but it can be a grave mistake for runners looking for a hit.

As one runner and coach found out, it can be a mistake for both of them.

Softball Catcher Hits Runner and Coach

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From the makers of the infamous Chicago Bears’ double doink comes the ultra-rare and painful catcher-runner-coach double doink that will leave you in stitches.

In this youth softball game, a batter lays down a bunt down the first baseline. The ball lands clearly in foul territory, and the runner heads to first while the first base coach holds his hands up. The catcher had no reason to throw to first.

When she released the ball, the unthinkable happened.

She instantly drills the girl in the helmet, probably rattling her brain a bit. The ball then ricochets into the coach’s, erm, manhood. It’s a play that no one will ever be able to replicate even if they try 1,000 times.

Can we also take a minute to acknowledge that the catcher doesn’t even care that she just nailed the girl in the noggin and then possibly prevented that dude from having children? Who does that?

The video was posted to YouTube by MaxPreps and garnered some pretty hilarious comments such as:

“Errant? Intentional? Who cares? Best throw ever. 2 birds with 1 stone,” one commenter wrote.


“Nice throw. One in the back and one in the sack,” another said.

Regardless, that throw was more impressive than any throw to first, second or third base. It looked entirely like an accident, but her body language says otherwise. I wonder if anyone has every done this before.

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