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Softball Fans Sing A Capella National Anthem After Sound System Fails

Amazing moments take place on the softball fields in our very backyards. This Mississippi high school female fireballer struck out an entire football team after a $20 bet. In New York, a girl pitched a "perfect" perfect game, striking out every batter she faced.

Sometimes, these moments can take place before play even begins. Fans at one girls' softball game did just that when they were told the national anthem wouldn't be played due to technical difficulties.

Softball Fans Sing National Anthem A Capella

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In a YouTube video posted on June 1, 2015, fans and players of what looks to be a youth softball game are told by an announcer The Star-Spangled Banner won't be played due to technical difficulties.

Girls from both teams begin to return to the dugout before a few fans yell out, "can we sing it?"

That's when the fans decide to belt it out in unison anyway.

After a full minute of patriotic a cappella and crossed hands and hats over hearts, the two teams then get underway. No matter what your take is on the national anthem these days, this is a pretty powerful moment shared by a sea of fans.

I don't have much more context for this video other than that. It looks like this video may have been before the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, though, because I didn't see a single mask.

Commenters on the video certainly chimed in on the act:

"As fine a version of the Star Spangled Banner as I've ever heard," one said.

"I sang with them. Alone. In my home. Just now. Hand on heart," another responded.

This also wouldn't be the first time fans sang the national anthem together when it wasn't played. The Fresno Bee reported in 2018 a similar occurrence when two high school teams, Clovis and Buchanan, squared off in a championship game at Fresno State in California.

As long as there are patriotic people in the stands, you can bet this will take place more often.

This post was originally published on October 28, 2020.

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