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David Ortiz's Vodka Prank Took Frank Thomas by Complete Surprise

Throughout his MLB career, it's no secret former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz loved to have fun. It's what made Big Papi special. He almost lost his life after being shot in a Dominican Republic bar this summer, but he's back and, needless to say, he hasn't lost his sense of humor one bit.

Before the Houston Astros took down the Tampa Bay Rays to advance to the ALCS, Ortiz decided to have a little fun with Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Thomas on the FOX Sports set by pouring some Tito's Vodka in The Big Hurt's water bottle before the broadcast began.

Not only did FOX capture the prank of Ortiz pouring vodka into Thomas' water bottle, but the network also got the reaction from Thomas after he took a big swig before going on air in Los Angeles.

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Of course, everyone, especially Ortiz, thought it was funny. FOX studio host Kevin Burkhardt definitely got a kick out of it. So did former New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez. The only person who didn't seemed to be Thomas, whose face said it all.

This was already a dynamite group talking baseball and the MLB Playoffs prior to the ALDS game, but spiking Frank Thomas' drink on Thursday night is so next level.

"I knew something was wrong with that water," Thomas, the former Chicago White Sox star, said with a big smile. "Man, you're always doing something. Man..."

When Big Papi is in the room, there's never a dull moment. All anyone really knows is it will be a good time. Any NFL, NBA, and NHL shows have nothing on that right now.

It was in the middle of the afternoon when Dave Ortiz did it, which makes it even better.

"Get the party started early," he said.

No kidding.

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