Mom Makes One-Handed Catch While Holding Baby
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Moms can do it all.

Change diapers. Take the kids to practice in the mini-van. Work a full-time job. Cook for an entire family. Catch foul balls with their bare hand while holding on to a baby.

Wait, what?

Oh yeah. One baseball mom at a San Diego Padres game stole the show when a foul ball bounced in her direction. She snagged it out of mid-air all while hanging on to her precious baby.

Mom Catches Foul Ball While Holding Baby

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The Padres are a pretty slick fielding team. Third baseman Manny Machado has won two Gold Glove awards and first baseman Eric Hosmer has another four to his name. Plus, there’s the flashy what’s-he-going-to-do-next Fernando Tatis Jr. who mans shortstop.

I’m sorry to tell you, Gold Glove winners: You don’t even have the best hands in the stadium.

During the Padres’ 3-1 loss to the Chicago Cubs at Petco Park on Wednesday night, a mom in the seats made an incredible one-handed catch on a foul ball.

The ball ricocheted off the upper deck. It took a bounce on the stairs and landed right into this female Padres fan‘s single hand. She snagged it, couldn’t believe it and then began jumping in joy (hopefully not hard enough to make her baby sick).


Fans around her cheered her on, and who can blame them? Most moms would probably shield their kid and avoid the ball at all costs. Not this one.

?The right-handed grab and baby in tow,? the Padres announcer said. ?That?s a nice grab. Be careful of the little one though.?


The Padres’ Twitter account posted the video on social media, where it has garnered more than 400,000 views.

“Moms are amazing” the team wrote.

Indeed. Maybe the Padres should look into giving her a tryout.

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