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Padres Fan Throws Knockout Punch at Rockies Game

The San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies split a doubleheader on Wednesday, but one fan in attendance will be lucky if he didn't split his lip open.

During one of the team's seven-inning games at Denver's Coors Field, a (clearly unhappy) Padres fan took a swing bigger than any we've seen Fernando Tatis Jr. or Manny Machado take this season. The fan's right hook knocked out another fan, sending him to the ground.

Padres Fan Knocks Out Rockies Fan

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Some sort of verbal altercation must have led to the Mike Tyson-like punch.

The man wearing a brown Padres jersey got up out of his seat and walked across the entire row to confront a man wearing what looked like Rockies gear.

Without hesitation, he threw a mean punch to the dude's face and knocked him out like they're in a boxing ring. Seconds later, multiple men jumped into calm the assaulter down (read: kicked his ass) as fans looked on in surprise.

Fan banter between opposing teams isn't uncommon at MLB games. Try wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey in the Bronx and you'll be lucky to leave New York in one piece.

Ballpark brawls happen all the time, but rarely do you see someone land such a clean knockout punch in front of a whole bunch of bystanders, a few of which were recording on their cellphones.

Here's a different angle of the punch:

Whatever the man who got knocked out said must have been pretty darn offensive to trigger the Padres fan so quickly and violently. That, or the man the who landed the punch was drunk off a few beers and looking for a fight while his team was losing.

The Padres won the first game, 5-3, and lost the second one to the Rockies, 3-2. Maybe the disgruntled Padres fan was upset after Josh Fuentes' walk-off hit to win Game 2.

According to the Denver Police Department's Twitter account, the person who was knocked out did not choose to press charges and no one was arrested:


Hopefully that dude doesn't have too bad of a black eye. Can't we all just enjoy America's Pastime without fighting?

This article was updated following the Denver Police Department's tweet.

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