Dancing Police Officer Clippers
Screenshot from YouTube: Bleacher Report

Dancing Police Officer Goes Wild in Front of NBA Crowd

As long as there is an NBA regular season, basketball fans will sit around and anxiously await the postseason. Games around January can get, well, a little boring. From reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard needing "load management" at 28 years old to Lakers guard Alex Caruso being one of the All-Star game's leading vote getters, it's pretty obvious fans are just waiting for the real basketball season to kick off.

That's why a police officer going full "Bring It On" for Los Angeles Clippers fans is going viral faster than this beauty queen dominating a jumbotron dance battle.

During the Clippers' 122-95 rout of the Orlando Magic, the Staples Center crowd enjoyed a timeout while the "Baby Shark Cam" spotted fans dancing in the stands. But when Chuck the Condor, the Clippers' bird mascot, tried getting the cop to join in, he wasn't having it.

Then, with energy matching 1,000 club-goers on a Saturday night, Saweetie's "My Type" brought his inner dance maniac to life right on the hardwood.

Dancing Police Officer at Clippers Game

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Hitting "The Woah" and dropping an absolutely flawless Michael Jackson-style split drew raucous applause before the Los Angeles Police Department veteran returns to watching the crowd.

C'mon now. Are there really many things better than "unsuspecting" police officers getting down and dirty? I don't care if it's planned or not, watching guys in uniform break it down through a timeout makes any NBA game that much better.


Dance moves aside, the LA Clippers picked up their 29th win of the season and pushed their home record to 19-4 thanks to Leonard's game-high 32 points. JaMychal Green logged a double-double off the bench, finishing with 11 points and 13 rebounds in 23 minutes.

Orlando's Markelle Fultz followed his second career triple-double with just five assists, four rebounds and 11 points on 5-of-17 shooting.

On a day when the MLB's cheating scandal and Odell Beckham Jr.'s butt-slapping good time dominated ESPN headlines, it's refreshing to see some positivity in the sports world.

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