When Travis Kelce hosted SNL many expected a cringe worthy performance. But the Kansas City tight end did what he does best - he delivered.
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Travis Kelce's SNL Performance Was Surprisingly Not Bad, As the Super Bowl Champ Delivers Laughs

When it was announced that Travis Kelce would be hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live, he was added to a long list of athletes who have given that famous opening monologue. Kelce is a bit of a polarizing sports figure. Those in Kansas City (and some outside it) absolutely love him. Fantasy owners will take him before the fourth round of their drafts. But, for many, Kelce's antics are a taste they hope to never acquire. And, because of this, those folks fully expected a completely cringe-worthy episode of SNL. Then something completely unexpected happened once the show got rolling.

Travis Kelce Delivered on SNL

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Kelce's monologue wasn't anything spectacular, but it also wasn't the bomb that many, like me, expected. He poked fun at his passionate motivational speeches on the sidelines, with video evidence of him simply yelling "More, more, more"! He also was able to poke at his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, with the SNL camera crew doing close-ups on the elder Kelce's face from the front row of the audience.

It didn't stop there. Whether it was his self defense instructor who beat up on those taking his class, his white-suited American Girl store character there with two dolls and no child, or the Straight Male Friend, Kelce found ways to entertain. Of course, this really elevates how good the writers room is in Studio 8H. They played to his strengths, and allowed the frat bro personality to shine through, but not overpower the work the KC tight end was doing in front of the camera.

Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates a third quarter touchdown during the game against the Detroit Lions

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The reviews have poured in, and Kelce is getting widely recognized as one of the better athletes to ever host the show. I doubt he has a future in acting, but he was certainly able to silence some of his haters.

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