The NFC Eastern Eagles are dominating the NFL, soaring above the pack as the lone undefeated team in the league.
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Turbulence Ahead in Philly: How Long Can the Eagles Fly Undefeated?


We've reached the midway point of the season and there are a lot of surprising stars amongst an overall dark sky this year. We've been surprised by the seemingly out of nowhere Vikings and other shockers like the New York Jets, and unbelievably bad Bucs. But above the rest, sit the Philadelphia Eagles. The NFC Eastern Eagles are dominating the NFL, soaring above the pack as the lone undefeated team in the league. They are legit scary good and despite having one of the recorded easiest schedules in the league, they are undeniably talented. 

Jalen Hurts is emerging as a strong MVP candidate with a blindingly bright franchise career in Philly ahead of him. Plus, AJ Brown has proven his value ten-fold as one of the top touchdown producing receivers in the league. This is an offense centered around Super Bowl champ, five-time Pro Bowler and big brother to star Tight End Travis Kelce,  Jason Kelce-- arguably the best center in the league. To add to their dominance, Philly's defense has been electric so far this season, successfully pestering opponents and accumulating sacks, stops and interceptions--holding down second place behind the Bills for only 110 points allowed. The Eagles are firing on all cylinders. This leaves us with one question: Who will be the team to serve Philly their first loss? Let's take a look at the remaining foes facing the loss aversion Eagles. 

Week 9: Thursday Night Football Sure-Thing vs. Houston

Davis Mills warms up against the Indianapolis Colts.

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The Texans are currently sitting with a pathetic 1-5-1 record. This matchup may be yet another Thursday Night snooze, as it's not going to be some electrifying, nail biting close game. I mean at this point if I'm the coach in Houston, I'm protecting the valuable players I have and not putting anyone at risk of injury. No one is coming back from a 1-5-1 start to the season. 


Let's be real, the Eagles should demolish Houston on Thursday night. Yes, the Texans have home field this week, but no--I don't think that will be enough to stop the Eagles weapons and break Philly's winning streak. I mean, if the Texans disrupted Philadelphia's run I'd be flabbergasted.

Prediction: The Eagles will fly towards their Week 10 bye still undefeated, 8-0

Week 11: Home Field Monday Night Football Face-Off vs. the Commanders

Taylor Heinicke of the Commanders.

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Philly will wing into Monday Night Football well-rested to face the Washington Commanders, who are currently sitting at 500. The Commanders are currently facing wild allegations of financial improprieties and are being investigated by the U.S. attorney's office, so who knows how that will affect the troubled team moving forward. From a football prospective, by the time the Eagles face Washington they could be 4-5 after a potential loss to Vikings, who are shockingly on fire this season


This will be an exciting Monday night NFC East matchup. However, I don't envision the Eagles losing on Monday Night Football after coming off a bye; plus they're at home. It would be wild for Washington to pull off an upset here. 

Prediction: I anticipate the Eagles will be soaring into Week 12 still undefeated, 9-0 

Week 12: On The Road vs. A Searching Colts Crew

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Week 12 the Eagles will fly to Indianapolis and face a Colts team struggling to find their identity. Indianapolis is rocking a 3-4 record, but come Week 12 they could have boosted themselves to 5-4--if they can manage to defeat a struggling Patriots team and flailing Raiders team prior to their Week 12 meeting. 


The Colts are an interesting bunch. It's still too soon to say if their decision to bench veteran Matt Ryan and put their faith behind young newbie quarterback Sam Ehlinger will help them turn the season around. We'll know more come Week 12 when they face Philly. Taking all of this into consideration, baring some sort of insane burst of newfound efficiency, I don't think Indy can stop all the talent the Eagles will be throwing at them.

Prediction: Eagles glide into Week 13 with yet another dominant Win, 10-0

Week 13: Sunday Night Football Battle of the Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers on the field against the Minnesota Vikings

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Week 13 Jalen Hurts will face Aaron Rodgers's Packers in a Sunday Night game sure to grab ratings. The Packers are currently 3-5 and sliding down a dangerous four game losing streak. It's hard to say where the disjointed pack will be, come Week 13. If you time traveled from the future and told me they're 3-8 preparing to face Philly, I wouldn't be surprised. 


Green Bay has some tough match-ups between now and their dance with the Eagles and given their lack of chemistry and execution, I could legitimately see a world in which they keep accruing losses. Yes, it's Sunday Night Football and Rodgers could have saved the sinking ship by then, but I'm betting on Hurts. 

Prediction: Eagles soar further into Week 14 undefeated, 11-0

Week 14: A True Test vs. Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry #22 of the Tennessee Titans runs with the ball in the first quarter against the Las Vegas Raiders

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Week 14 brings a strong Titans team to Philly's home field for the Eagles first true test of strength and mental toughness this season. The Titans currently lead the AFC South with a solid 5-2 record. When the Week 14 battle begins, I imagine Tennessee will be somewhere around 8-3. This will be an important Sunday stunner and could serve the Eagles their first loss. One could definitely argue it, but I'm not going to. 

If Philly finds themselves still carrying a big old zero at the end of their record come Week 14 I expect them to be firing on all cylinders. Mix in a home field advantage with a wicked momentum, and I think the Eagles find a way to squeeze out a win in a close battle with Titans.


Prediction: Eagles squeeze out another W, advancing to 12-0 

Week 15: New York's Giants Shoot the Eagles From The Sky

Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants looks on during the game against the Denver Broncos

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Week 15 will send the Eagles to face a literal NFL giant in New York. The fellow NFC heavyweight Giants are currently seated at 6-2. When the Eagles fly to town I think New York could find themselves 9-3. The Giants look good, and their schedule from now until December 11th pins them against some easy targets like Texans, Lions and Commanders. The only challengers worth worrying about between now and Philly are fellow 6-2 NFC East contender, Dallas Cowboys. 

A team rarely heads into the playoffs unconquered and since Philly is facing New York twice in the regular season, I don't see them beating the Giants twice. It seems obvious to me that the Giants have a vital  hometown edge in Week 15. Given how closely matched these two powerhouses are, I think the odds are stacked just a wee bit heavier for New York. It seems apropos for a divisional foe to shatter the Eagles winning streak. If I was a betting woman, this is where I'd place my bet. 


Prediction: Week 15 ends the Eagles flight of perfection and Philly falls 12-1 

The Final Four Regular Season Opponents 

A.J. Brown #11, Zach Pascal #3 and DeVonta Smith #6 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates a third quarter touchdown during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The final weeks of the regular season pit the Eagles against the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints. The season will culminate with a rematch against their giant rivals in New York.  There are a few opportunities for Philly L's here and should the Eagles somehow glide into the final run of the regular season undefeated they won't leave this pass unscathed. 

As I see it, the Cowboys have a real shot at beating Philly, as do the Giants--especially if the Eagles somehow come out of New York unbeaten during their first meeting. Or maybe I'm totally wrong and Philadelphia will inspire us all with an undefeated regular season. If they do, they'll be the first since the 2007 New England Patriots to come out of the regular season unscathed. And who knows, maybe we're witnessing magic, like the famous 1972 Miami Dolphins. Could an undefeated season and Super Bowl win lie ahead of this Eagles roster? I have to admit, this is one of those rare times I'd love to be wrong.  

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