levitating football helmet
Hammacher Schlemmer

These Floating Helmets Are Perfect for Every Man Cave

Your work from home setup isn't complete without a little sports memorabilia. Sports Funko Pop figurines, bobbleheads, and coasters are cool, but have you ever seen anything like this levitating football helmet? I hope your time management skills are polished because this awesome collectible will turn heads.

Yep, this helmet floats mid-air. There's a strong magnet inside the helmet, which is repelled by electromagnetic coils, creating a powerful opposing force that causes the helmet to spin mid-air. I'm having a Jesse Pinkman moment from Breaking Bad, where I'm amazed by science.

The Levitating Sports Helmet (Dallas Cowboys)

  • $79.95 (Add to your wishlist today)
  • LED lighting
  • Levitates with magnets

Hammacher Schlemmer is the brand behind the NFL levitating sports helmets. The replica football helmet is the perfect addition to your man cave, office, or living room. It's on sale for $79, so get it fast. To no surprise, the Kansas City Chiefs helmet is sold out. No sweat Brady fans, you can grab a Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet or a New England Patriots levitating helmet.

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There are plenty of teams to choose from! There's a helmet for Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers fans, and more. Not only is this helmet a great piece for home offices, but it'll come in handy as a cool night light for kiddos. They'll be able to show off their team pride and have their much-need light in the evenings.

If you're back in the office with your work gang, they're going to wonder where you got this incredible half-scale replica from.

Hammacher even has options for MLB fans. Be sure also to check out Amazon for NCAA helmets.

Hover Helmets NCAA Collectible Levitating Football Helmet with Electromagnetic Stand

There are over 15 teams available! Forget hoodies and jerseys, if you want to take your gift skills up a notch, get this levitating football helmet for Dad.

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