Micah Parsons Does Everything to Protect His Young Son
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Watching old footage of Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons play running back at Harrisburg High School in Pennsylvania feels like watching Bo Jackson in his hay day.

Parsons simply runs over, around, or through his peers, and you get the feeling you’re watching a great one. You get the feeling you’ll be watching him for years to come.

Despite skipping out on the 2020 season due to coronavirus concerns, Micah Parsons is the top linebacker in the 2021 NFL Draft. That’s a mark of greatness. Parsons has incredible athletic prowess, but his motivation comes from elsewhere.

His preseason announcement came as a shock to many, but not to those who knew him.

Parsons opted out for his son’s health, happiness, and future. Now, with the draft around the corner, Parsons’s integrity has him high on everyone’s draft board.

Micah Parsons’ Early Life

Micah Aaron Parsons was born on May 26, 1999, when the top film was “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace“. Parsons would prove to be a gridiron menace, though he’s far from a phantom.

He blew kids out of the water as a running back and defensive end in high school. Pointing out his five-star size, skill, and speed seems a cliche… just watch the videos: Micah Parsons is an incredible athlete. If he’d been born in England, he’d probably be in the Premier League.

Power 5 schools like Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, and Oklahoma all recruited the young star for American football. But in the end, Parsons decided to go with the only State College he cared about. Parsons wanted to score (and prevent) touchdowns in Beaver Stadium for the Nittany Lions.


Micah Parsons at Penn State

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Parsons was asked to stop touchdowns at Penn State University (PSU) rather than score them. He proved himself an offensively adept linebacker.

His freshman year was fantastic. His sophomore effort was spectacular.

The Penn State Football star forced fumbles right and left. He capped off his 2019 season by wrecking Memphis in the Cotton Bowl. He sacked All-American honors as well as Big Ten Linebacker of the Year.

Parsons came up just short as a Butkus Award finalist, and everyone assumed he would win the prestigious defensive prize in 2020. But even the best-laid plans crumbled under COVID-19.

Micah Parsons’ Son & Opt-Out

It was Summer 2020. The country had been dealing with the pandemic for a quarter of the year. With his junior season approaching, Parsons had a choice. The choice wasn’t about Parsons, though. The choice was about Malcolm Parsons.

Micah Parsons’s son was born on May 1, 2018, when Drake’s “Nice for What” ruled the radio waves. The toddler was barely two years old in 2020 and therefore at high risk for coronavirus-related complications.


After discussions with friends, fellow Penn State Nittany Lions, and head coach James Franklin, Micah Parsons decided 2019 would be his last year in college football.

Parsons announced on social media in August 2020 that he would opt out of the upcoming football season. Parsons was praised for his decision.

Parsons’ reasoning revealed character. Putting his Malcolm’s health above his fame is admirable. What’s even more impressive was Parsons’s graduation from Penn State in just two and a half years with a degree in criminology.

If this football thing doesn’t work out and Parsons becomes a cop, I feel bad for any perp who tries to outrun him.


NFL Draft Outlook

Micah Parsons has shown strength and versatility both on and off the field that would fit well with any NFL team, from Minnesota to Miami. His pro day only confirmed what pundits at ESPN have predicted since August 2020 – Micah Parsons is a first-round pick.


He’s likely the first linebacker off the board and the eighth pick overall.

Parsons has the potential to be legendary. If he can stay healthy, Parsons has all the parts of a Hall of Famer. His NFL career is yet to be told and his NCAA career is in the books.

Micah Parsons is more than one of the best linebackers in the Nittany Lions historyhe’s one of their greatest fathers, as well.

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