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Najee Harris’ One-Handed Catch Shows He's NFL Ready

College football fans are familiar with Najee Harris making plays out of the backfield.

He's the latest in the long list of Alabama Crimson Tide running backs to electrify defenses with his playmaking abilities.

He's eager to bring those abilities to the NFL.

The newest Pittsburgh Steelers star is giving us a sneak peek at rookie minicamp.

Najee Harris Makes One-Handed Catch

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Harris and quarterback Mason Rudolph are running a drill. No defense, just the guys and an open field.

The former Alabama running back lines up next to his QB in the shotgun, and bursts into a little wheel route down the seams.

Rudolph drops back to deliver a dime about two feet behind him.

The first-round pick does a quarter turn, outstretches his paw, and snags the ball without breaking stride.

The guy filming is equally as impressed with Harris' catch as he is Rudolph's throw.

In his defense, there was a lot of air pursuing him.

The play was nothing new to the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie. He prides himself as a receiver, and he's eager to show his skills in the pros:

"I've always been catching the ball, man," Harris told ESPN. "I always do that, always do that. Not to brag or nothing. What the heck. It wasn't luck, I'll tell you that. I'll do it again for you. It's not something I work on. I've been doing it since, like, middle school. I've got big hands, man."

Those big hands are prepared to handle the rock on a three-down basis for the black and yellow. As the first running back selected in the entire 2021 NFL Draft, Harris is projected to be the lead man in the Steelers' running back room.

He's another young offensive weapon for starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in addition to wide receivers JuJu Smith-Schuster, Dionate Johnson, and Chase Claypool. Head coach Mike Tomlin has to be excited.

If there are a few things to take away from this play, it's that we'll be seeing Harris catch the ball a lot more and Mason Rudolph's accuracy is in a league of its own.

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