Tom Brady Wants ‘Tom Terrific’ Trademark, And Sports Fans Are Ticked Off
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Some people call New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time. Others say he’s a cheater. There’s even a few who want him to just go away. No matter where you stand on a fan level, from disgust to getting his autograph tattooed on your arm, there’s no denying he’s a NFL superstar with a massive spotlight on him at all times.

If selling the most NFL merchandise wasn’t good enough for the 41-year-old quarterback, perhaps a win in this next game will do the trick. Tom Brady and company TEB Capital Management filed to trademark the nickname “Tom Terrific” so it can be shown on trading cards, posters, and apparel.

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Tom Terrific, huh? That’s the nickname you want? How original… Wait.

If anyone hears Tom Terrific, your thoughts should immediately go to New York Mets pitcher Tom Seaver, a 12-time All-Star, three-time NL Cy Young Award winner, and a first-ballot selection into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992. Not to Tom Brady.

Sure, Brady has six Super Bowl rings under head coach Bill Belichick and is worth millions of dollars. TB12 doesn’t really have to prove much on the field, and has quite the public life away from the AFC, so what the issue with ‘Tom Terrific’ trademark application?

To sports fans on social media, especially Mets fans, everything.

The New York Post brilliantly went to Citi Field in Queens to get some Mets fans to sound off. They didn’t disappoint.

“Tom Brady is an arrogant pr—k,” one fan said. “He’s not getting his cheating, ball-deflating paws on ‘Tom Terrific.’ Go back to Boston and get your own f—king name, Brady.”

“He’s an idiot,” another fan added. “He’s probably the GOAT, but get your own nickname.”

Even former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason is disgusted by it.

People love Tom Seaver, who won the 1969 MLB World Series with the Mets and also played for the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox and ironically the Boston Red Sox at the end of his career.

If Tom Brady thought this trademark request was going to be quick and painless, he’s got another thing coming. New York Jets fans, and really the entire AFC East, doesn’t really like the guy. Now he wants to take the nickname of a baseball legend who is beloved by many?

Good luck, Tom Brady. Even if you win this one, there’s still going to be plenty of haters who will never call you Tom Terrific. Ever.

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