After a controversial toughing the passer call on Monday Night Football, Troy Aikman made a sexist and misogynistic comment.
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Abysmal Roughing-The-Passer Call Served With A Side of Troy Aikman's Sexism 

In an NFL season noted for its bad football, Week 5 Monday Night football delivered an explosive rivalry game hosted at the deafening Arrowhead Stadium between the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. Fans expected chippy play, deep passes, grinding defense, nail-biting action and potential decibel-causing delays of game.

What fans didn't expect was terrible and I mean all-time ridiculously infuriating — play calling, with a side of sexism. 

The Roughing-the-Passer Call that Broke Twitter

Derek Carr #4 of the Las Vegas Raiders is sacked by Chris Jones #95 of the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2nd quarter of the game at Arrowhead Stadium

Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

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We have the zebras to thank for a roughing-the-passer call so confusing that fans can only assume the league is transitioning us to flag football. I'm all for making the game safer for players, but this was ridiculous. And we have former Cowboys quarterback-turned-commentator Troy Aikman to thank for the casual sexism following the abysmal call. Let's roll the tape:  

The refs apparently wanted Chiefs defensive powerhouse Chris Jones to lay down a pillow and tuck in quarterback Derek Carr. I agree with Aikman's disapproval, and I think most fans found themselves cursing the refs.

However, I am appalled, exhausted and sadly not surprised at all by his choice of words. Misogyny and NFL football are easy bedfellows.

Troy Aikman's Casual Misogyny

So while Arrowhead and fans across the country were exploding over the call, Aikman casually took a dig at women everywhere. I have to be honest — I was too busy jumping around my living room, screaming at the TV, to hear the quote. But thanks to NFL Twitter, it didn't take me long to learn what the controversy was all about. Honestly, I've become so numb to the NFL's treatment of women that I think I merely sighed out of sheer exhaustion. How many times do female sports writers, NFL employees and fans have to absorb and respond to this? I'm sitting in a stew of low-key weary rage. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of talking about it. I'm tired of hearing it. I'm just so damn tired. Hey, men, come get your boys. Come talk to your tribe. Hold them accountable.

In the meantime, here's what I'd like to say to Troy Aikman

Dear Troy,

I wear dresses all the time; in fact, it's my go-to look here in Southern California. Nothing beats a breezy, flowy skirt on a warm day. And as someone who wears dresses, I've got some news for you. I can throw a ball in a dress. I can talk sports in a dress. And if I'd been on the field Monday night reffing that game in a zebra striped dress, I would NOT have called roughing the passer on that play. No way. I know you might have a difficult time wrapping your head around this concept, but I — a woman who wears dresses — loves watching aggressive defensive plays. In fact, nearly every jersey I've ever bought has been a defensive player. Defense wins games. Watching strong defensive matchups gets me more amped up than high-scoring games.

I love the hit, I love the sack, I love the game. Here's some shocking news for you: A lot of women love ferocious defensive plays and players. Your insinuation that women are weak and soft, like that play call, was out of line and dripping in sexism.

Hall of Fame quarterback and Fox Sports analyst Troy Aikman attends the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints

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It's weak men like you — who think women can't be tough, strong, aggressive, angry or dominant — who help create toxic environments for women, especially in sports. It's because of a mentality like yours that history-making women like NFL ref Sarah Thomas get threatening messages and hate. The fact that I'm even writing this opens me up for aggressive DMs and attacks. It's the casual nature in which it rolled off your tongue that helps perpetuate the narrative that women have no right to take up space in the sports market. This is the type of casual, everyday sexism women face daily. And I have news for you: We're sick of it — and modern men are growing sick of it, too. I hope the league holds you accountable or encourages you to apologize (chuckles to self), although I know they won't.

A league that allows players repeatedly accused sex offenses to sign massive contracts and play the game they love has already told women what it thinks about us. But please, shove pink-colored ribbons and end zones at us for the rest of October because you "care." The only positive thing left in the wake of your misogyny are the thousands of tweets dragging you for your comments. Here are some of my favorites — I'd hate for you to miss them. 

Oh, and Troy, one more thing: Patrick Mahomes just passed you for all-time passing touchdowns. He's only played six seasons (five as a starter), while you played 12. 

Yours truly,

A dress-wearing die-hard football fan.

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