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Jumbotron Game Surprises Fans With Their Celebrity Doppelgängers

Fans are slowly making their way back to sporting events, and that means the return of some high-quality entertainment in between the action.

If you're anything like me, you avoid these at all costs. I've mastered the art of not getting caught with whatever activity is taking place (not to brag).

Unless it's for free hot dogs for the row (because I'm a man of the people; again not to brag) you can find me intensely studying the program or doing as all guys were designed to do and ignore everything around us while sports are happening.

Fans are a little rusty and the National Hockey League's St. Louis Blues took advantage by finding faces in the Enterprise Center crowd that look like celebrities.

 Celebrity Doppelgänger Jumbotron Game

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The video from the 2019 Stanley Cup champions in-arena entertainment team starts out by matching Marv from Home Alone with a bearded man and his family. This guy came prepared. He showed up to the rink in a scarf and a fur hat. He looks as warm as he does prepared to rob your house with his buddy Harry.

The second comes with the Queen of Dragons/Khaleesi/Breaker of Chains/Mhysa/Daenerys Targaryen/who cares the ending was awful and we don't talk about it anymore being paired with a fan whose hair is as translucently white as the Game of Thrones character herself.

The third comes with 1990s heartthrob Justin Timberlake during his *NSYNC days. JT is compared to a little guy who goes crazy for the comparison and it's easy to understand why. Who didn't want to be the pop singer in the 90s? I implore his parents to buy him an all-denim outfit for his next birthday.

The bit ends with a bang (literally bangs) as Ted Stroehmann from There's Something About Mary is likened to a gentlemen in a gray jacket who sports a similar haircut. Unlike Ted (who's played by Ben Stiller), this guy has a glorious mullet hidden in his collar. We can only assume that Brett Favre would've ceded Mary's heart had this guy played Ted. Then he would've thrown three picks against the Dolphins.

The Blues are ahead of their fellow Western Conference counterparts such as the Colorado Avalanche, Vegas Golden Knights, Arizona Coyotes, Minnesota Wild, San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators, and Anaheim Ducks when it comes to NHL regular season entertainment.

For the playoffs, I expect Jon Hamm to be matched with Don Draper. That might be a stretch, though.

With fans on their way back, it's time to get back into fan shape. That means prepping for $12 beers, grabbing some nachos, and doing your best to make the most of your time on the scoreboard.

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