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We are past the halfway point of the college football season and there are several coaches who may be in danger of losing their jobs, even some in their first year on the job. Coaching, of course, is never easy, but with the payouts behind some of these contracts, fans have expected more from their teams.

So what coaches are in danger of getting pink-slipped? You may be surprised.

5. Kevin Sumlin, Arizona

Many thought several years ago that Sumlin should have gone to the NFL along with Johnny Manziel. In hindsight, maybe they were right. Despite posting a 51-26 record with Texas A&M, he was fired as head coach because he wasn’t winning championships. Jimbo Fisher happily climbed into the driver’s seat for the Aggies.

Sumlin seemed to have landed on his feet at Arizona, but it looks like he actually landed on his head. The Wildcats are currently 3-5 overall and 2-3 in Pac-12. Sumlin’s high flying offense has, so far, been a dud. He may not be fired this year, but next year, the expectations may be even higher even the Wildcats don’t pull out a winning season

4. Chip Kelly, UCLA

Remember, a few months ago, how Kelly was the hottest name in college football? Teams like Florida and, of course, UCLA were vying for his services. However, it looks like Florida was lucky not to land Kelly in Gainesville this year. The Bruins are 2-5 overall and 2-2 in the Pac-12. Kelly’s hiring brought along high expectations with his track record in Oregon, but now some are wondering if the Bruins made the right choice.


Kelly struggled while he was in the NFL and it seems like those struggles are continuing as the Bruins head coach. At least he isn’t alone in his misery, as far as this list goes.

3. Scott Frost, Nebraska

Scott Frost came from Central Florida as the prodigal son returning to save his alma mater, Nebraska. So far, his homecoming has been a disaster. For the first time in their history, Nebraska started the season 0-6 only securing their first win of the season this past Saturday.

Frost probably won’t be fired anytime soon, but Husker fans are going to expect a quick turnaround in the future. To show how far the program has regressed over the years, fans are just excited to get their first victory of the season. You have to wonder how long this excitement will last.

2. Clay Helton, USC

Chip Kelly has company in the department of misery in Los Angeles because Clay Helton may be on his way out the door before Kelly at USC. The USC Trojans were expected to do big things this year coming off of an 11-3 record in 2017.

Right now, they sit at 4-3 overall with their College Football Playoff chances and Rose Bowl chances all but gone. Helton has a 31-13 record as the Trojans head coach, but USC fans are losing patience with Helton and some feel like it is time to move on.

1. Gus Malzahn, Auburn

Gus Malzahn and Kevin Sumlin Bob Levey/Getty
Bob Levey/Getty Images

It might be strange to say that Malzahn is in trouble after signing a huge extension with last year’s successful season, but that’s why Malzahn is in trouble. Auburn was expected to compete for not only an SEC title, but a National Championship title, as well. The problem?


The Tigers sit at 5-3 and 2-3 in the SEC. Over the weekend, reports surfaced that had Malzahn not beaten Ole Miss, he was going to be fired. Malzahn and the Tigers won 31-16 and Malzahn is still the Auburn head coach. Now, fans are wondering how much longer he’ll remain in the Auburn driver’s seat.

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