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LSU’s Fake Field Goals Are Every College Kicker's Dream Come True

For over a decade, Les Miles was the leader of the LSU Tigers. He brought home a national championship to Baton Rouge and earned "The Mad Hatter" nickname for his sideline demeanor and ambitious play calls. Nothing seemed to be off limits, and two trick plays on special teams proved that.

When the stakes got higher, Miles got bolder. That wasn't always the case, but it's how LSU won a pair of big-time NCAA college football games during his tenure. Instead of using his roster filled with NFL talent, Miles loved using his kicker and running a fake field goal at the craziest times.

One was against the South Carolina Gamecocks. The other was against the Florida Gators. Both of them belong in Tiger Stadium history because they were ran to perfection for touchdowns.

Colt David's Fake Field Goal

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Back in 2007, in the middle of LSU's BCS National Championship season, the second-ranked Tigers were in a battle with No. 12 South Carolina on CBS. That all changed late in the second quarter.

Up 14-7 and looking to extend the lead, LSU kicker Colt David lined up for a 32-yard field goal attempt. He had already missed one from 42 yards earlier in the first half, so Miles being Miles, he decided to run a trick play.

The snap was good. The hold was probably going to be fine, too. But on a designed play call, holder and quarterback Matt Flynn flipped the ball over his shoulders to David, who raced into the end zone for a touchdown.

LSU went on to win the SEC game, 28-16, and keep its title hopes alive.

Trent Domingue's Fake Field Goal

No. 6 LSU found itself in another fight against No. 8 Florida back in 2015. The stars were all out that Saturday night in Louisiana. The Gators had quarterback Treon Harris lighting it up, and the Tigers relied on running back Leonard Fournette to carry the heavy load.

At the end of the day, though, it was LSU coach Les Miles and kicker Trent Domingue's hands and legs that proved to be the difference.

The game was tied at 28-28 early in the fourth quarter when Domingue lined up for a 33-yard attempt. When the snap came, the place kicker went out to the flat on the left side, Domingue bobbled the lateral, then scampered in for another touchdown.

LSU football was unpredictable during Les Miles' tenure. These two plays are only a small example of that, too.

This post was originally published on April 23, 2020.

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