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10-Year-Old Girl is Tearing Up Varsity Basketball & Has NBA Dreams

Anyla Parker stands out on the basketball court.

Her talent is one thing. She's exceptionally skilled and already a wizard with the ball.

The 10-year-old particularly stands out because she's playing high school varsity basketball. She's also playing on two boys AAU teams.

It's well deserved. The basketball prodigy has been working on her game since she was 2.

Anyla Parker Basketball

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Parker's coach can be found right down the hall. Her mom Nadine Serrano—who Anyla refers to as "Coach Mommy"—has been coaching her since she could walk.

She immediately started playing against older kids. When she was 5, she played against boys two and three years older.

Since she was 9, she's been playing against high schoolers.

Serrano took over as the head coach for Lakeland, Florida's Excel Christian Academy in 2019. A shortage of players gave Anyla the chance to officially play for her mom. She was treated like any other player, and earned a spot on the varsity squad.

Opponents have quickly learned not to underestimate the young basketball player.

Parker—who's referred to as "A.P" by her parents—spends her summers playing with the boys. They learn quickly, too

A.P's dad Tony Parker (No, not that Tony Parker) posts videos of her putting in work on the court on Instagram. Anyla has an account of her own, and she loves to run drills while listening to Jay-Z. Collision Course hits just right when crossing someone up.

Parker is just as active off the court. She's the president of P.E.A.C.E in Me—a non-profit organization focused on educating kids financially and promoting creative energy.

By the time Anyla graduates, she'll have played 10 years of high school basketball. Anyone who can spend a decade living the best years of their life is a winner in my book.

Anyla is working towards the ultimate goal of being the first female to play in the NBA. First, she wants to dunk by sixth grade.

Name a time and place with a hoop, and she'll be there.

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