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All-Female Fight Breaks Out in White Sox Bleachers


Fans are back in Major League Baseball games, which means cardboard cutouts are a thing of the past and knockout punches, dad faceplants and exploding nachos are all the rage this season.

We've already seen nasty scuffles and hilarious streakers return to MLB fields as thousands of fans pack stadiums. All we needed was an all-out female brawl in the bleachers to further cement the "fans are back" notion.

Thanks to a few chicks at a Chicago White Sox game, we now have that.

Women Brawl at White Sox Game


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The White Sox clobbered the St. Louis Cardinals, 5-1, on Monday night at Chicago's Guaranteed Rate Field behind seven punch-outs, but the best punches came in the left field bleachers.


Baseball fans shared videos of three women throwing hands and clawing at each other in the stands during the ninth inning. The woman in the black hat landed a blow to the girl in the black tank top, which apparently didn't sit well with her. Then, the blonde woman in the white hat decided to get into it.

Meanwhile, the dude in the jersey between them could barely contain these female scrappers. Stadium officials looked like they were finally able to calm things down judging from a different fan's video of the altercation on social media.

Hopefully these girls didn't just get their nails done. Something tells me they don't care. Maybe these White Sox fans were just pissed off because someone swung at a 3-0 pitch (no wait, that's Tony La Russa).

The White Sox welcomed a season-high 14,629 fans last night, per the Chicago Sun-Times, and I'd bet at least three of them got tossed out of the White Sox-Cardinals game. But hey, the White Sox won. Maybe the brawl provided a spark to the offense.


Now, just imagine if the Sox were playing crosstown rival Chicago Cubs or a team with a rowdy fanbase like the New York Yankees.

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