Gronk’s Surprise Donut Delivery Sums Up His Retirement Life
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On the field, former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was a monster, an undeniable force who won three Super Bowl rings. Off the field, he became one of the most polarizing athletes of his generation. What he’s done in his first year of retirement, however, has taken that party life to the next level.

Since leaving the NFL after last year’s Super Bowl, Gronk has been everywhere. He was hired to be an analyst for FOX Sports. He invested in CBD. He shook his booty with the Lakers girls. He smashed Steve Harvey’s LEGO bust on New Year’s Eve. To say he is enjoying retirement life would be a massive understatement, and he was back at it again in the week leading up to Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

Before the big game between the 49ers and Chiefs, Gronk teamed up with The Salty Donuts and Uber Eats to create a limited edition “GRONK BOX” for customers to purchase. All people had to do was buy the four-pack box of donuts and it entered everyone in a chance to win autographed gear, VIP tickets to the Gronk Beach party in Miami, and a delivery by the four-time NFL All-Pro himself.

The Uber Eats X Gronk Box contest came to life earlier this week, and it was glorious.

Rob Gronkowski Delivers Uber Eats

Watching Gronk deliver food and tickets to his music festival and Super Bowl party in Florida is exactly what you would expect. I mean, how would you react if Gronk showed up on your doorstep with a box of donuts, signed memorabilia, and a surprise?

The limited-edition Gronk Box also featured a signature donut, according to PEOPLE. It was “a whipped Piña Colada donut made from 24 hour brioche and topped with salted coconut streusel and a pineapple flower.”

In addition to the donuts from his favorite Miami spot, those lucky fans will be partying along with Gronk on Miami Beach with musical guests such as Diplo and Rick Ross before Super Bowl Sunday.


“It feels good to be on the other side of it. It’s definitely a different atmosphere and a different ball game. The party is going to be a lot of fun. We have six huge performers, and it’s just going to be fantastic, a lot of fun,” he said excitedly, adding, “Having your own party, just running around having a good time and just going out. Losing your mind for a little bit. Dancing, coming in with positive vibes. Just having a positive party.”


— Rob Gronkowski, via PEOPLE

His days of catching touchdown passes from Tom Brady in the playoffs might be over, but there’s no doubt Gronk is living his best life right now.

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