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One Team Has Emerged as a Double-Digit Favorite to Beat Alabama

The Alabama Crimson Tide continue to impress with every win, and national championship, they collect. This dynasty is only getting better in another year under head coach Nick Saban, and their mystique as college football's kings grows with each week.

With all that hype, and the seemingly lack of competition they're facing, an old question is starting to circulate — could Alabama contend, and potentially beat, the worst team in the NFL? Well, a Las Vegas sports book has laid the betting line on a hypothetical matchup, and Crimson Tide fans are going to need to come back down to Earth when you see this spread.

If the Crimson Tide squared off with the AFC East bottom feeder Buffalo Bills, about as dysfunctional of a professional team as there is, SportsBook USA has the Bills as a 28.5-point favorite over the Crimson Tide.

Look, this narrative drags itself through the mud year after year: would the best college team beat the worst pro team? The short answer is never. A team of professional athletes is just that: professionals. Even on a college team as talented as this 2018 version of the Crimson Tide, you'll be able to count the quality NFL players that come out of it on two hands when it's all said and done.

Remember the 2005 USC Trojans? The team with two Heisman Trophy winners in Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush, which also had another running back score 26 touchdowns in Lendale White? Even that team only had a dozen or so players end up being pretty good NFL talents.

No. A collection of really good college players, sprinkled in with a few elite talents, would not compete with a group of all-around better professionals.

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Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa would not complete more than half of his passes. Buffalo and Nathan Peterman would run up, down, and all around the Crimson Tide defense. Nick Saban would wake up with night sweats while having nightmares of those weird years when he coached the Miami Dolphins.

No matter what side you're on, and even Alabama die-hards, can't make the case for Alabama beating an NFL team. They'd lose this hypothetical game, and it wouldn't be close.

Pitting pro and college teams against each other is a conversation that's fun to have, especially with college basketball teams as talented as the Duke Blue Devils, but when it comes to football, there is no argument.

Buffalo Bills 45, Alabama Crimson Tide 12

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