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While Colin Kaepernick Sits at Home, Guys Like Nathan Peterman Have Jobs

Yeah, Colin Kaepernick led the national anthem protests that have effectively blacklisted him from getting an NFL job. Members of the media and the league's fans who widely recognize Kaepernick as an anti-American villain, would descend on whatever city would sign him to a contract, and the sideshow and backlash would be ludicrous. That being said, the social justice crusader is a better quarterback prospect, and has proved it, than so many guys playing the position today.

The Buffalo Bills continue losing football games with absolutely embarrassing quarterback play, while Kaepernick, who's motivated by something greater than himself to prove everyone wrong, sits at home collecting dust. Pride of NFL organizations is driving Kaepernick's jobless stretch, and while so many teams could put his unique skill set to use, no one is going to pull the trigger, and they'd rather lose football games than see him wearing their team jersey.

I do not agree with the national anthem protests at all. I believe in free speech in all facets, but there is a time and place to discuss and demonstrate. Respecting the symbol of our country, and the men and women who give up opportunities to pursue more selfish life goals in favor of service to our nation, takes precedent over all else.

It takes two minutes to stand up and respect the national anthem, not overshadow it with outside agendas.

Now does that mean Kaepernick, who in 69 career games threw 72 touchdowns against 30 interceptions and also ran for 2,300 yards and 13 more touchdowns, should be sitting at home? Not a chance, but he has no one to blame but himself.

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If you don't him yet, Buffalo Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman is making a case to become the worst passer in NFL history.

In eight career games, Peterman completes about half of his passes, averages 4.2 yards per attempt, and has thrown three touchdowns against 12 interceptions — For those, like me, who still count on your fingers and toes at home, Peterman tosses an interception once every 10 passes.

How have the Bills tried to fix their QB problems? They signed an ancient veteran in Derek Anderson, who threw four interceptions in two starts this year. They then added Matt Barkley to their roster last week, who threw 14 interceptions in seven games when he played for the Chicago Bears back in 2016.

Look at these numbers on Kaepernick versus the quarterbacks on Buffalo's roster and try to make the argument he wouldn't be an upgrade over all of these guys. Kaepernick averages more total yards, more touchdowns and fewer interceptions than all of them for their careers. Not to mention, Kaepernick has started in a Super Bowl.

Is Colin Kaepernick the truth, the light and the way out of the darkness in Buffalo? No way. Would he push Blake Bortles for the starting job in Jacksonville? Probably. Can the New York Giants try to salvage their season by adding in another weapon while the shell of Eli Manning rides out the end of his career? Absolutely.

Will they? Not a chance because Kaepernick has pushed himself out of the league. The guy can play, and he's still got some miles left in the tank, but this is his own downfall, and no matter what his agent says and what the numbers claim, we'll likely never see Colin Kaepernick in an NFL uniform again.

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