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Teen Steals Jeep, Appears to Holler "Roll Tide!" in Middle of Police Chase


I love you, college football fans. Like me, you are absolutely out of your minds when it comes to this game. These colors don't run, and everything from Nick Saban back tattoos to fully-loaded man caves is on the table when it comes to showing our support year-round. Through thick and thin, we are die-hard sports fans. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever come between us and football.

That includes invading a golf course in a stolen Jeep while police are running you down.

According to KY3, Greene County Sheriff's Office deputies spotted a blue Jeep Wrangler driving without license plates through Springfield, Missouri on July 18, 2020. Police were able to tag the stolen vehicle with a Star Chase GPS tracking device, which came in handy when the driver decided to take a quick detour.

Chance Davis Southard and some friends were playing a Saturday afternoon round at Horton Smith Golf Course. Beers and the boys; Nothing better. Suddenly, their round turned into a wild affair when sirens were heard in the distance. The stolen Jeep then jumped a bunker like a Phil Mickelson flop shot and sped down the fairway within a few feet of the group.


As Southard filmed the wild scene, someone in the vehicle leaned over and shouted. What he said, though, is up for debate. You'll need to listen a few times.

Southard told KY3 he thought either the driver or passenger yelled out, "Sorry guys!"

In the heat of the moment, one member of the group thought it sounded like, "Let's ride!"

But the very first reaction, and what I hear upon further review, is a loud and clear, "Roll Tide!"


You be the judge.

Teen Steals Jeep, Appears to Yell "Roll Tide"

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With help from Springfield police and a helicopter flying overhead, the chase ultimately ended. No one was reportedly injured.


Both the 18-year-old driver and passenger were taken into custody and booked into Greene County Jail. As of this publishing, pending charges include property damage, tampering, resisting arrest, and assault.

From where I'm sitting, this kid gave a big old Alabama Crimson Tide hello as he sped over the putting green and played through to the next hole. According to Aaron Samek, who was part of another group playing that day, the driver was having himself a great time.

"He looked like he was having fun, didn't looked stressed out," Samek told KY3.

Joy riding on a Saturday is fantastic, but please don't steal cars to do it.

The debate will rage on what was actually said, but my money (mostly because I miss gambling on college football so much) is going with Alabama.


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