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Herschel Walker's Flip-Filled Heisman Commercial Proved Age is Just a Number

Herschel Walker was a freak of nature back in his playing days in Athens for the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. The Heisman Trophy winner and two-time Pro Bowl running back stiff armed dudes and ran them over for touchdowns (looking at you, Bill Bates) like it was nothing.

Even into his 40s and 50s, the former UGA football player has maintained an incredible physique. He has fought a couple times in the octagon as a UFC fighter. He's mentioned his routine of thousands of push-ups per day (most men his age probably can't even do a push-up), which has kept him looking like he's preparing for Strongman competitions. That's probably next on his to-do list.

Backflips, then, are like a walk in the park for Herschel. In a hilarious Nissan Heisman House commercial featuring other Heisman winners, the college football great flipped his way to a perfect 10.

Herschel Walker's Flip-Filled Heisman House Commercial

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OK, listen. I know that isn't really Herschel Walker performing all of that. But I'm going to choose to believe it is, because 50-something-year-old men flipping more than Sunday morning pancakes is not something you see every day. Plus, his son is a former college cheerleader, so who knows?

This 2017 Nissan commercial begins with Oklahoma State and Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders asking fellow Heisman winners USC's Marcus Allen and Ohio State's Eddie George how they get older but the mascots stay the same age.

Out of nowhere comes a jacked Herschel Walker flipping off the bed of a truck right up to his elder fellas.

"You guys wanna join me for some flips?" Walker asks with a wide smile.

Sanders, Allen and George decline immediately. Allen then looks over at the two of them and says, "I keep telling you guys, he's part mascot."

TOTALLY REAL. I'm buying it. I don't care. Regardless, Walker's sculpted muscles can't be fake, right?

Nissan's Heisman House commercials are all awesome if you haven't seen them. Former Heisman winners like Michigan's Charles Woodson, Alabama's Derrick Henry, Oregon's Marcus Mariota, Florida's Tim Tebow, Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, Auburn's Bo Jackson, Notre Dame's Tim Brown and Ohio State's Troy Smith have all starred in them.

Here's to hoping we see a 59-year-old Herschel Walker in the bobsled like old times soon.

This post was originally published on September 28, 2020.

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